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I redid my journal again! [ profile] gypsyjr made the most excellent header pic; she does LJ commissions for a price that can't be beat. I'm very pleased with it. And I know what you're all thinking. Why isn't Sophie sitting on the chair that says "Thug for Life"? That's so she can look at the Thug for Life sweater and know it's all about her. Don't feel silly for asking, it's all part of the process.

Last week I got some vegan cheese in the mail that had been praised to the skies by a ton of vegans. The best thing I could say about it is that I didn't want to immediately spit it out into the trash can and scrub my mouth out with something pungent, so right away it's better than Follow Your Heart. Yeah, it melts-- so does playdough when you leave it in a car on a hot day. Not something you want to put on a quesadilla. Who wants to bet that they gave some real mozzarella to the food reviewers and did a bait and switch for the rest of us? That would be funny and something I could get behind.

The upshot is that I freecycled the rest of it to a very nice lady who absolutely loved it and left a message on the answering machine saying she put it on her strawberries. Between her and the lady who left a note on my car with her phone number telling me she liked my Praise Seitan bumpersticker I'm thinking of having a little informal vegan dinner party at our house sometime. I sense fun in the works for a project like this, so long as they don't reject me utterly for not being vegan. >.>

I liked last night's Doctor Who ep, much to my surprise. I liked the way Donna brought the Doctor out of his zomg suckspiral in a kind way. I like how not everything is not about her; it wouldn't even occur to her that it would be. So not my favorite, but it didn't make me wish I was watching vegan cheese melt instead. Too many interviews where Rusty goes WTF you actually pay attention to the *plot*, what kind of pathetic loser are you??? have left me with a lot of resistant hostility to the show. Personally, I find that kind of defensiveness baffling. The great thing about the old show was that no matter how silly or incomprehensible the plot it didn't matter, because the actors performed it with conviction. I'm finding I like the whole winking a the camera thing less and less. And sometimes I have to remind myself that just because the new show ridicules fans for watching the show doesn't mean I can't watch and enjoy. As Vali says, they toss it and leave it, and we'll pull up quick to retrieve it. :)

After that we put in Gilda. We fell in love with Hazel K's fanvid of the movie (am sorry to say I don't know where the vid is now, I can't google it) and had to watch the movie, glove-stripping and all. What started off as an amazingly obsessive love triangle completely fell apart in the final ten minutes. But except for that and some tungsten b-plot they kept harping about that never made any sense, it was pretty good. Rita Hayworth made everything everything so dirty, bless her.


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