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That felt very contractually obligated to sell toys and they really need to take their lips off the Star Wars crack pipe, other than that it had its moments. I would've LOVED it if I'd been an 8 year old boy with ADHD, though. I'm just not the target audience for this sort of thing. I can't fucking stand the fucking Daleks. Annoying little fucks.

There were some cool moments though, like London lit up like a Christmas tree and Bracewell not dying when I'd assumed he was toast. Very low body count overall so far this season. Keep it up, I like it.

And to those who had to breathe into a paper bag when Amy gave the Doctor a look after she asked Bracewell if he'd ever fancied someone he shouldn't? Look again-- she gives the Doctor a look after the bomb-thingy in his chest starts to cycle down. It's more a "omg!YAY it's working!" look and less of an unrequited love sort of thing that's been destroying the fucking show for the last five fucking years.

Anyway, that's it for that, bring on the Weeping Angels. I'm not kidding when I say I want a pair or three for the garden. The franchise makes everything else for Pete's sake-- gimme!

p.s. Can someone make a "they're on the same cycle joke" for River and Amy or do I have to do it myself?


Apr. 10th, 2010 02:47 am
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One of the things I like to do of an evening is to fall asleep while Vali is on the Interwebs and there's a nice thing like a Cinematic Titanic movie playing in the background. Occasionally however I will wake up just as she's winding down, meaning I end up staring at a dark ceiling with a purring cat until I acknowledge reality and get up for a spell. So here I am. It's a perfect time to reorganize your files, find out how much irreplaceable stuff you lost when your thumb drive finally went kablooey this week (not as catastrophic as I feared, thank goodness), and for writing Dreamwidth posts.

Today I got the last of the animal control statistics I requested back in January. I wish there was a medal given for tenacity in obtaining city records as surely I'd place somewhere. There's a lot of guardedness from the people I ask (as if I want to obtain them to unearth some deep dark secret), when really I ask for them so I can write grants to get spay/neuter assistance money for the nonprofit I work for. One city cut their euthanasia rate by 34 percent, which is due mainly to one hardcore volunteer, her friends and an animal control officer who helps get the dogs and cats out of animal control and into a rescue. I just emailed her to let her know. I can't help her as much as I like-- I get lots of "HELP! BEGGING!" emails from her-- but I can let her know her persistence is paying off.

Coming off of writing articles on the Federal Reserve, the Selma to Montgomery marches, and Filipino hip-hop, mailing off a P*tSm*rt grant in the nick of time and getting ready for a Neuter Scooter visit, my brain really hasn't been good for ballast these days, especially for calming down a little to read some fiction. I finally did last week (The Sister by Poppy Adams, called The Behaviour of Moths in Britain). Have you ever read something that's really well done, and yet you still don't know how you feel about the whole thing once it's over? I vacillate between admiration and "oh, I don't know," and ick.

Stupid excited for Doctor Who tomorrow-- or today, rather. I've been on a season opener high before only to have my nose savagely rubbed in it later, but this feels different somehow. Famous last words I know, but hope springs eternal.
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At 8 o'clock I left to pick up Khrissi the Cat from her Big Girl surgery to drive her back to her dad. I've never met a cat who made *no sound at all ever* going to and from the clinic. Maybe she's deaf?

Then I was dropping off spay/neuter transport fliers at my old job, hoping to spread the word. I chatted a bit with everyone and was made very aware of the dangers of false nostalgia as I really really missed the place and everyone who worked there. I still miss them.

Next I go to other town over to get trained on a Meals on Wheels route. My trainer is a great lady. She was kind, and funny, and likes to listen to Christian talk radio at sounds of 11, and asked if my husband and I had any children. Did I mention she was funny?

Then I go to work and magically find almost every book I was asked to look for. Ever had that feeling you've seen a book on the shelf with your mind's eye even when the rest of you hasn't been able to locate it, so you keep checking the shelf, and around it, and viola! I even found a missing Spanish video for kids that was put in the wrong VHS box. I should play the lottery.

But the coolest, the bestest thing ever, was a 15-minute phone interview with Lois Gibbs for an article I'm writing. For me it was like being able to talk to Lincoln, or God, or Sarah Waters, or Joyce Carol Oates, or maybe all 4 in a hastily-conceived genetic experiment in Roger Corman's lab. I did my best to keep it together and to do all the fangirl squeeing on the phone to Vali. *pant pant*

It was like, for 13 hours, I got to live the life of a politician or something. I even got to provide aid and comfort (in the form of tissues to mop up copious tears and snot) to a toddler who decided to take a flying leap out of his chair and land on his head. Poor kid, his head was already ginormous and this won't help.

I think it's as good a time as any to say I'm going to take a wee break from the online journaling for a while. I'm not sad, or disappearing --hardly, on Twitter you can't get me to shut up-- it's just that I've got a lot of stuff that I'm thinking about and doing, and right now because I'm busy I don't usually comment on people's entries and I'm not really involved in that way, so hen I do summon the courage write it sounds like I'm grandstanding. It embarrasses me, but this is really how I'm muddling along day to day.

So I'll be around in the comments, but I'm officially giving myself a vacation from something I feel I "should" do. That way I'll enjoy it more when or if I come back to it.
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"...I take it from the first time we kissed, she takes it from the first time we were physically intimate."

Happy 9th anniversary to my sweetheart [personal profile] violetisblue, who at this moment is working her ickle fingers to the bone updating her fic journal. Go reads it, yah?

And randomly (since I'm thinking kawaii things), enjoy this youtube video of a Scottish fold cat who likes to wedge himself into cardboard 'DIET' drink boxes.

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Yesterday I felt guilty for not posting for a month.

I have two notebooks-- one for story notes, one for memos-- and I have a phone where I plug in my appointments. And a day planner for books and stuff I did or ate that day. And a Twitter account.

Why so quiet, Mary?

June was really uneven. The first two weeks were unbelievably busy and stressful-- sending in the 501(c)(3) nonprofit paperwork to the IRS, doing the first spay/neuter transports with South Suburban, the first informational booth of our group with a local animal-shelter fundraiser -- and the second half I was on vacation. I worked on the garden and an article for [profile] la_smartie's website, and on the nonprofit website. One afternoon I read all day and watched the sun go across the windows while Casey slept in her favorite chair.
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Yesterday Vali & I went to the Court Theater in Chicago to see August Wilson's The Piano Lesson. Definitely the best play of the season and possibly one of the best things I've ever seen on stage. I'm so glad I knew nothing about the play so that I could be blown out of the water by the end. It's one of those moments where you wish you had a better memory so that you could replay every bit over in your mind and remember everyone's reaction. I just remember wanting to laugh and cry all at the same time to let the tension out. It was truly special, and that's why I love live theater so much. Like Vali said, when they took their curtain call you could tell on their faces that they'd just done something magnificent. It's true, they were radiant. (Contrast that with The Wild Duck, an earlier production from this season. The actors looked embarrassed and quite frankly, who could blame them?) I can't believe I have to wait until September to see Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. Go ahead and make those hinder jokes now, kids!

Doing research for an article on Superfund led me to Love Canal: My Story by Lois Gibbs, which sort of led me to ignoring the garden all weekend because I couldn't put the book down. From a timid person who's biggest job up to that point was picking out curtains (her words) to taking a couple of EPA stooges hostage at the Love Canal Homeowners Association in the space of a couple years. Amazing, in other words. My favorite part (this was after the hostages were safely freed) One special moment was almost lost in the craziness. Two small children, a little boy and girl about seven years old, came to the broken window. The little boy gave me chocolate chip cookies and told me if I went to jail he would write me some letters. The little girl gave me a plastic baggie with cookies, which she was going to eat herself. She told me to take the cookies because they didn't have cookies in jail. She then said she loved me because I was helping her mother. That was touching. I guess that's the real reason why we did fight so hard-- for our children. Now I'm waiting for the sequel to come winging its way to me via Interlibrary Loan. At least I *think* it is-- my home library's interlibrary loan system seems to be based on how "with-it" the library clerk's feeling that particular day.

Talked about Alison Bechdel's Fun Home at the monthly comic book discussion. It was my choice and the first one not to feature any superheroes, capes, tights, or laser beams. I was a little nervous about it being not the normal thing we talk about, but it turned my fears were unwarranted as the afternoon went great. I told everyone straight up not to worry, that you're not going to screw up or say anything bone-headed, and they didn't. We had fun talking about form and content, the quality of memory, the difficulty of writing a memoir and why we would never do one ourselves, and their own experiences of reading Fun Home on the train and getting dirty looks. Hey, some people get their jollies on being offended. We somehow managed to get in some questions about Star Trek and why there aren't any queers in the future (unless you count Q).

We also talked about our experiences growing up with gay family members and the generation gap. One guy said he was ranting about it on Facebook when his lesbian cousin mistook his ranting for raving (lol internets), and they had a really interesting back-and-forth. I told them how much I hated Mo every chance I got and why I think she should be immediately killed and yes, I don't *care* that Mo wasn't in Fun Home (unless you count Alison Bechdel), I still want her shot out of a cannon. They say we always hate those who most remind us of ourselves.

Ironically, the only headdesk-y moment for me tonight wasn't about Fun Home at all, but about Laika. I gave it back to the person I borrowed it from and someone else complained about how maudlin Laika was. >.< Vali says it's a defense mechanism because of the source material and I agree. Still, when I read a comic book about a dog who gets sent on a one-way trip to outer space, I like to think of the upside! Why couldn't they have sent a Westie, for instance? The questions are endless. Actually, it's just the one.

Tomorrow, our mystery book discussion will be The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett. I didn't like it. Next!
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Yesterday I visited our local Meals on Wheels program in my capacity as a United Way Allocations Volunteer. Ooo, don't I talk posh! In other words, I visit organizations that receive United Way funds, learn about their services, and recommend that UW give thems lottss and lottz of monies. And it's win-win because I get to visit places I wouldn't normally get to see and recommend their services to patrons.

And they fed us, too-- I'm vegan, but I was able to partake in a surprisingly healthy amount. I had pasta with liberal amounts of peas and pearl onions, a green salad with cherry tomatoes, and grapes. In other words, better fare than I've had from the restaurant literally next door to the joint. And while I'm not so naive as to think they'd serve the people who'd recommend their funding a load of slop, I thought it was nice that it wasn't cooked in a load of butter and salt. Moral of the story: restaurant food is gross, don't eat it if you value your life.

I'm reading Laika, but may have to stop before I'm due to give it back to its owner on Sunday as I'm having a really hard time with it. I mean, I knew I would, but sometimes I want nothing more on this Earth than a sweet doggie to take care of and to dig up all my plants. Gentle animals don't do well with humans as a rule. Wah.

I'm trying to read The Maltese Falcon for mystery book group w/o much success, partly because I've seen the movie remake of this and it was called Lethal Weapon and ol' Mel dialed back some of the homophobia for the 80s. Yeah yeah I know, different time, blah blah, I still don't like it. Why is Dashiell Hammett literature but Agatha Christie is just a crackin' good read? Yeah, I know why, too.
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Someone on my Twitter feed praised to the skies a YA book done by an author I absolutely detest iRL. Should I call in an air strike, or...?

What do you mean, she couldn't possibly know this person is a wingnut? She should be able to read my mind and intuit how a near perfect stranger should react to middling young adult authors. Yes.
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Well, Vali and I are back from Wiscon, and I have to say that I had a good time meeting people-- in particular Roxann, Jonquil, Ellen Fremedon, Geekturnedvamp and Unusualmusic. (I'm sure I've forgotten someone, I'm sorry.) However, as I become more and more introverted, I find that crowds of people exhaust me more quickly than they used to. I'm more in my element working in the garden all morning and then retiring to read the rest of the afternoon, maybe tea, a little biscuit...

Anyhoo, some highlights:

Meeting [personal profile] jonquil face to face at last and seeing her and [personal profile] violetisblue has got to be a high point. She's absolutely lovely and fun to be with and is dangerous to my wallet. Seriously, she's got the qualities of the best salespeople I've seen-- namely, that they convince you that you are smart and lovely and smell nice and you simply cannot live without lemon ginger soap. Because you can't, you know. Same goes for raspberry bushes and some pretty purple thing whose name escapes me that I bought at the farmer's market. I finally got them in the ground today right before I had to rush off to a United Way meeting with Meals on Wheels, but that's the subject of another journal entry.

Watching people fangirl [personal profile] violetisblue made me prouder than anything. (OMGWTF you wrote "Nothing But Flowers!" *happy squee*)That's my girl. <3

Farmer's Market! See the bit above about raspberry bushes and pretty purple things. We also had strange and mysterious juices of the fruits besides oranges, and fresh radishes and homemade rosemary bread. Nom.

Having sushi with [profile] mscherbatskaya and than having [personal profile] violetisblue take me out for black raspberry sorbet.

Going shopping at American Apparel with [personal profile] violetisblue and finding out that yes, I can fit into their XL clothes quite comfortably. Vali and I could've blown off the whole afternoon shopping (and we will someday soon after our bank accounts recover). I see pretty clothes and tea in our future, yes.

Oh yes, there was a con going on in there somewhere, let me see...

Geeking out with [personal profile] violetisblue, [personal profile] ellen_fremedon and [profile] mscherbatskaya about Doctor Who and zombies and any subject under the sun in our hotel room.

And I went to the panel on Public Libraries and Sci-Fi, which I thought was very interesting but not for the reasons the panelists intended. I especially enjoyed disagreeing with Farah Mendelsohn about books generally being more valuable than whatever the latest DRM-not-free e-reader nightmare that some company's trying to make a buck on until one of the moderators told me in so many words to shut my lip. Funny, she didn't ask the guy behind me who shouted at Ms. Mendelsohn that HE WASN'T DONE WITH HIS POINT YET. To which I thought oooooooooo, aren't *we* a big boy.

But getting back to my point, I think that somewhere in library school it's become hip to think of us librarians as almost post-book, beyond book. (I remember, as I fell into that trap for a while myself.) "We have more than just books!" Well, sure we do, usually, but aren't books important? So many frazzled kids and adults who would do a lot better to slow down and read a fucking book. Although, as Farah Mendelsohn pointed out, she reads two books a day, so books don't slow her down all that much.

I went to one other panel, the one on getting it wrong gracefully, where Roxann introduced us to the phrase "dueling fail," re: foc_u, which got a big laugh. Personally, I can't wait until [community profile] verb_noire starts publishing paper books, because I will be at Baker & Taylor in a hot second to buy their stuff. I always like the arguments that black people don't read sci-fi. No, you dummy, it's because you aren't publishing any black sci-fi writers. So that's why I think it's nifty that [community profile] verb_noire is picking up their dropped balls. Huhuhuhuh, she said--

And now, pictures!

Best license plate ever. [personal profile] violetisblue pointed it out to me. <3 <3 <3

Jonquil's fleurs.

The best dressed lady at the dessert bar. (Vegan desserts so that I weren't left out! <3)

...and the super-stylin' lady from the side.

So next year, ya'll will have to come to the con held at our house, as I have far too much weeding to get done.


May. 21st, 2009 10:39 pm
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I uploaded my Hot Fuzz moodtheme from LJ. That's better. Feels more like my place now... even though my pictures are still hosted at LJ. >.> I'll fix that one of these days.

Fwiw, if go here if you want to upload it.
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I forgot I had to work the evening shift.

I forgot the bingo cards and library card registration for the senior outreach program. The "Sign up for library cards and play bingo to win prizes" program. (At least I remembered the prizes.)

And then I forgot my bag while I was there. With my wallet and all that good stuff that normally goes into your bag. I won't be able to get it until tomorrow morning.

I feel very nervous and vulnerable without my wallet.

ETA: My supervisor gave me time off the desk to go and retrieve it. <3

Tonight I will try not to walk into walls or drive off any bridges.
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Vali and I got to thinking about what the perfect Star Trek marathon would look like. Well, this is far from perfect, but if I had free rein to any Next Gen ep I wanted, it might go a little something like this.

Elementary, Dear Data
Loud as a Whisper
Measure of a Man
The Royale (shut up, I liked it)
Q Who?
Captain's Holiday
Hollow Pursuits
The Most Toys
The Best of Both Worlds I & II
Remember Me
Data's Day
Devil's Due
Night Terrors
Identity Crisis
The Drumhead
The Outcast
Cause and Effect (shoulda been a two-parter)
The Perfect Mate
I, Borg
Ship in a Bottle
Genesis (even moar diabolical laughter)


This is the part where you go OMGWTFBBQ U FORGOT THE OFFSPRING WHY??1?! Because I don't want everyone to start sobbing their guts out, that's why. Same goes for the episode where Lwaxana falls in love with the man who has to commit suicide on his 60th birthday.

This reminds me of the time I attended a Homicide party in the con suite, and we watched Betrayal. Yeah. Very powerful ep, and everyone felt about thiiiiis big after we'd seen it. Then we left to make ourselves feel better by slamming our heads into car doors.

So, what did I leave out?
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Time 1, meeting with someone who I want to be on the executive committee of the nonprofit I started, saying in essence that the hours are really long but the pay is nonexistent and

Time 2, chasing timewasting bastards out of the computer room at closing time. Yes yes, it's not fair at all, clear out the lot of you.


May. 7th, 2009 11:28 pm
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Feeling weirdly hostile towards Doctor Who fans right now for no reason I can't put my finger on. After all, they are the same mean stupid vicious bunch they were 10 minutes ago. What's changed since then? I really couldn't tell you.
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It turns out that no, you can't substitute vegan soy creamer for soymilk and not have a cupcake that flies apart when you touch it.


Still, even a hot mess of a cupcake still tastes pretty good.

Read The Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters for mystery book discussion. I really didn't like it until I imagined Amelia and Emerson as "Bella and Edward Travel To Teh Pyramids & Wrote Doawn Wat They Did Thar," and after that it was a pretty fun ride. You know, with how Emerson must not like her because he's so OMG MEEN to her and all that. Except I don't think Bella would be allowed anywhere near the Pyramids because she'd probably trip over a ledge and break Egypt or something.

Written in 1975, and the world didn't end then, either.
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I met a regular library patron in the grocery store parking lot yesterday.

"I like you."

"That's nice," I said. "I like you, too."

a look of consternation crosses his face

"No, I mean, I really like you."

"Well, I like you, too." Pause. "Well I have to go now!"

"I really like you!"


"I really like you!"

"Okay, now. Have a nice weekend!"

I'm making him sound like a creep but he's actually a nice guy. I just never know what to say in situations like this except to wish someone a good Saturday and Sunday. And I really like you, too.
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Happy [ profile] jonquil birthday day!

Have a smug Casey picture on me. (Taken today)

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Vali and I have been on vacation this week. Yesterday I took her to see cats get castrated, then we went down the street to the local art gallery, where we bought metal flowers for the garden and where the gallery owner decided to be creepily solicitous towards my sweetie. We bought art from him anyway. That'll show 'im.
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Although Vali and I aren't particularly religious, we enjoy exchanging cards at Easter. We're easy marks for any card with baby animals on them, what can we say?-- and Vali likes to draw cartoons in mine.

This last card had a skit called "Wait, It's Dark!" The joke depended on knowing the Court Theater's most recent production, who Mr. Smartypants, Howard, Vince, Casey, Cutie, and certain shelter cats are, and why this is all funny. Trust me when I say it was.



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