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Ever wanted to give and receive books for free? Thought was so much pointless busy work? (Just let that &*%$ing 50-cent copy of Watership Down go already!) Welp, here's As Annie sings, I think I'm gonna like it here. Between this and Freecycle, I'm well on my way to the barter system if the economy collapses.

Isa Chandra helpfully linked together all the vegan blogs she watches. Awesome. Full disclosure: I'm an omnivore, but I really love the inventiveness of vegan cooking, unlike vegetarian cooking which usually is regular cooking minus the meat. Whizzed silken tofu can replace eggs in baking? Oh wow, they sure do. Golly! So you know, yay more recipe fodder. :)

Yesterday I had a patron who had to write a paper about nyctophobia. Not about what phobias are or how to overcome them, but what nyctophobia is. In my head I wrote the paper for her: "Throughout the years people have been afraid of the dark. The end." Some instructors set their students up for failure, eh?

Although now that I think of it maybe the paper was about the origins of the phobia and reasons why people are afraid of the dark...this is why I are srs librarian, I are srsly gooder at big thinking on my feets.


viedma: I will rule the world! Emperor Cupcake! (Default)
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