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The downstairs lamp finally crapped out in a rather dangerous fashion, with metal bits breaking off in the extension cord. Apparently the 70s thrift store lamp couldn't watch me flail about on the stepper anymore and had to take matters in its own hands. So I took it out to the easement. When I looked back, it looked so much like Lantern Waste that I had to take a snap before it gets gakked.

DON'T ANSWER THE FAUN! (I stole that from Anthony Lane.)

On Sunday I'm taking a co-worker to meet this cat...

(See me in the reflection? Work it, babe, hike your leg up! Look all fat and bunchy there's a good boy!)

She's looking for a cat that looks like Garfield. She's never owned a cat before, so I have my doubts whether this will pan out. She wants to be a cat owner, but she's actually kind of nervous around them. However, from the little I've been with Red he seems a pretty laid back cat, pretty forgiving of humans. Like I said, I'm not expecting anything, but we'll see.

Off today. Worked out, made some tofu scramble and am now sitting on my duff. Going to a friend's tonight. She's celebrating Burns Night tonight. Garth Marenghi's opinion of Robert Burns is only slightly higher than mine. Really I'm going for the wacky company. Yesterday the library's roof leak spread dramatically and the phones stopped working. I fully expect to come to a smoking crater on Saturday.


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