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I've been wanting to write something, anything, but work has been really busy lately to the point where when I come home I just stare at stuff until it's time to go back to work again.

Vali and I watched Kiss Me Deadly on Saturday. Not a likeable character in the whole thing, but nonetheless completely great. And I guessed the twist about 2 seconds before it happened, which impressed Vali mightily.

The point is, after you see Cloris Leachman being tortured (mostly with the camera facing away, Reservoir Dogs-style...or maybe that should be the other way around), you need to see her in the Mary Tyler Moore show slapping around Sue Ann Nevins in her celebrity test kitchen.

Have I mentioned that I completely adore Sue Ann Nivens? Because I do.

Anyway, the point for real this time. While I was watching Mary Tyler Moore so totally and obviously have IT and I had a thought: what if Sam Tyler didn't go back to Manchester 1973, but Minneapolis 1973? Sam Tyler Moore goes to one of Mary Richards' bad dinner parties and spends the entire time locked in her bathroom crying his eyes out. Bess Lindstrom could be the test card girl, and when Sam gets a load of Lou Grant it's all Gene Hunt who?

Sam Tyler/Lou Grant slash. It could happen! Sam tosses his leather jacket in the air and Lou douses it with scotch and sets it on fire, because Sam's got spunk and he hates spunk dontcha know. I think it's no coincidence that WJM's office and the Manchester police station look so similar.

Casey just chased a bug and ate it. She is ridiculously smug, all the more so because of all of the fawning praise we've given her.


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