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Vali had the day off because of the nasty winter weather (all of her co-workers live in unincorporated hellholes that don't have money for commie pinko socialist programs like snow removal). I, otoh, had to go.


I was really grumpy about it, especially when I accidentally removed the driver's side windshield wiper and spent 15 minutes in the snow trying to put the fucking thing back on. Eventually I pleaded with a neighbor help my poor frustrated self. Yes, I'm 36 and don't know how to put on my own windshield wipers. Now is your moment to feel superior.

Vali's all relaxed and stuff, updating her Recs Page and generally just having a swell time. I look at her and think, it must be nice not to be perpetually grouchy. I should try it sometime.

So I subscribe to a mailing list called Meatout Mondays, and this week they had a recipe for jalapeno poppers made with vegan cream cheese. They were FRANTASTIC. ::thud:: Vali and I have become popper eatin' fools. The irony is that I almost deleted the recipe because it had the subject line "poppers" and thought it was more spam.

(I realize the mailing list is just so much vegan product placement, but in this case Tofutti's Better Than Cream Cheese totally deserves it. Nom Nom Nom.)

the recipe, for those folks who are interested )

Along with the jalapeno poppers, I made tempeh wingz, tempeh bacon, and banana nut muffins. With butter. When they find a nonhydrogenated margarine that doesn't taste like ass, I will be more than happy to make the switch. Until then.

Cinematic Titanic's newest project, The Oozing Skull, is really excellent. We were too nervous, worried that it might suck, to fully appreciate how good it was the first time we watched it, but now we're really in the swing of things. It's really hard to make fun of a movie without descending into open contempt for the finished project. I guess I missed the Joel years more than I realize. The point is, you should buy it and stuff. (My favorite riff is the title of this entry.)

Took co-worker friend to see her Garfield cat again today. She really likes him, but hasn't committed yet. I'm not telling her because it's not right to be pushy, but if she wants him she'd better act quick. He's a completely adorkable squeeze toy attention hound. I came in today to find him all propped up on the lap of luxury on some nice lady's lap. But it's cool, I just want to see him get adopted into a nice home, I really don't care where ultimately.

Went trolling through Doctor Who Icons last night. I found some really excellent ones, and yet I still feel grumpy and dissatisfied.

Three rhetorical questions for you Doctor Who fans all out there )

And Billie Piper, isn't there a union rule that says you HAVE to let other actresses take a few roles? The UK acting community has collapsed because she is currently in every 3rd role on television. Please stop her before she inevitably gets tagged to play Mary Russell. The sad thing is, she would be *perfect* to play Mary Russell; she sort of has the lock on "I'm an irritating blonde twat who grinds the action to the halt and has the entire universe revolve around her" roles.


Mmm. Peckish. Poppers are a-callin'. Then I have to finish The Game. Only 120 pages left to go. (::cries::)
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...a ginormous brunch sometime around 2PM, followed by a solid afternoon of Do Whatever The Hell You Want. Ahhhh.

Yesterday Vali made chili sin carne al mole from Vegan with a Vengeance. She let the sofrito simmer longer than when she made this last time, and it produced the loveliest slow burn sensation in the mouth, yum. That and some garlicky kale with tahini dressing and brussels sprouts, and the memory of tinned dog food haggis is far, far away.

Vali's reading experiences have been more satisfying to her than mine have been of late. I'm reading The Game by Laurie King. It's not awful, it's just that I don't buy the central premise of the tale: that Sherlock Holmes would not just marry a woman, but marry a woman several million years younger than himself. But have no fear! She's tough! Smart! Beautiful but not too Beautiful! Resourceful! She's Mary Russell!: the wonder somethin'-or-other. (eyeroll)

I'd've ditched it ages ago, but I have to read it because it's for the book group I run and I don't remember things quite as well if I listen to them on tape. So mentally I've been searching and replacing Mary Russell with Watson. So far it's working, even when Watson has to wear a sari to the fancy dress ball on the slow boat to India.

There is one May-December couple that I totally buy, and that's Eight/Lucie Miller. Am listening to Blood of the Daleks and they are just yowsa, and it's made all the better by the fact that Lucie really doesn't care for Eight all that much. HOWEVER, i will be extremely grateful when we can get past this cultural moment of The Big All-Encompassing War That Will Change Everything garbage. It's not like I can blame Americans for this one either, as it's an English production. Here it's more of a case of "Lord of the Ring/later book Harry Potter"itis. Also, Daleks are lame and they suck and they will never be interesting no matter how much stirring music you put behind their screaming. I like the little moments better, of which there are many.

Am keeping happy by reading Vali's Life on Mars fanfic recs. I love how Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt bring out every retro impulse and every slash cliche ever, and do it in such a completely hot way. Moar, said the fangirl!
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--Buffy comic, virtual season eight, number eight. I was reading it and wondering why it seemed so familiar, and wouldn't you know it? The downside to this largesse is that you get the really upsetting cover that has Faith drowing Buffy. o.O

--Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World of Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950-1955. [ profile] violetisblue and I are the worst lesbians in the world. I mean, we totally flunk. When I'm not spending a good portion of my waking hours figuring out how to get two policemanofficers from the West Country to fall in love, Vali is singeing my eyebrows off with Doctor/Master slash.

Speaking of, you really should read Vali's and [ profile] jonquil's latest story, Velleity. And then join [ profile] bestenemies. And then give them all your money and toys. ::slobber::

And then when you've picked yourself off the floor read [ profile] annlarimer's Curse of the Cuddly Monkey and fall right back down again with lols. This story has completely ended me.

Ahh, good times. I had a nice three days off. I even got stuff done that I wanted to do, for a change. I've been exercising a bit more and that's making me feel a little bit better. This is my favorite exercise tape. It's the perfect combination of catchy rhythms and lots of different kinds of jiggly eyecandy being put through their paces by a friendly gay man. With the whole yoga and pilates craze I sometimes feel as if I'm the only one in the world who still likes step aerobics. It's even harder to find step aerobics routines that don't sound like they're set to your little brother's Casio, but I'll manage. It'll be biking season in a couple of months anyway.

Last night we watched the latest remake of Persuasion on PBS. It was lovely, yet there was something missing, namely why on Earth would anyone want to be with Anne Elliot. Sally Hawkins seems like a wonderful actress, but it looked like a pretty thankless job to act stunned at things for 90 solid minutes. Giles, OTOH, looked hot as a 19th century Krillitane. It suits him. Here's hoping Northanger Abbey will be a little bit better. The book was a hoot.

And I'm learning to cook without consulting recipes. It's weird.

I did other stuff too, but now I can't remember what it was. Watching The Five Doctors (my choice) has put me into a pleasant little coma.
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OMGYAY real honest-to-goodness Castleton t-shirts for sale! ::backflip:: We've been on a Time Chasers kick lately, sort of like auxiliary Doctor Who with acid-washed action. Your butt looks good in the future!

It has come to my attention (looks over at her loving wyfe) that I've been a titch prickly in my LJ entries over the past few days. After a lot of huffy what-EVERs, I grudgingly accepted that she was right. *shakes fist at heavens* I've just not been in a mood to suffer people gladly. Usually when I feel this way I sit on that feeling till it passes, but didn't feel like doing so this time.

I regret nothing, only that it makes me sound angrier than I actually am. I'm feeling pretty good, really, just a little sleepy. Still, I want to do something a little bit sweeter today. Why not have a delicious grilled cheese and hot cocoa with the cutest cuddly monkey in the whole wide world? (Note to [ profile] annlarimer: not THAT cuddly monkey. o.O)

While you enjoy your snack you can enjoy pictures like this...

We got cardboard in the mail (yay, just what i always wanted) and Casey's been having a blast with it-- she'll lay down longways against it, or sit like she is in the picture, like she's manager of the General Store. It's like there's a barrier; she never steps over it, choosing instead to walk out the opening. She's too nutty.
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STFU UNCOOL BAKER! Also, Tennant-as-clown warning. o.O

Vali and I finished watching the last ep of Sapphire and Steel. Now THAT was a behind the sofa moment. L'eep. O_O Now I have to listen to the Big Finish Audios.

Now we're watching songvids to bring us back into the realm of light and love.

Speaking of songvids, why hasn't anyone done a Who vid to No Pussy Blues? Vali and I go about the house going Whoo! Damn! at odd moments. What are you looking at me for, saying I should do it myself? I have all the technical know-how to knit socks and that's about it.

If I knew how to vid I'd do a Doctor Who one to Ferraby Lionheart's Small Planet. Not simply 'he loves them all' but 'he's in love with everything Earth' vibe. Seriously, with a name like Ferraby Lionheart you have no choice but to steal the mellow folk sensation mantle away from Roger Whittaker. Vali bought me the album for Christmas and it is the perfect thing to listen to after a long day at the reference desk. Sweet, gentle, but not so syrupy as to put you into a diabetic coma.

And now Vali and [ profile] jonquil are working on the FAQ for their latest project. When they're both in busy workerbee mode I can't help but imagine them both as chibis, tips of their tongues poking out of their mouths. Occasionally it ends with one of them tipping over the others crayon cup, then pushing, shoving, and little cartoon fight clouds before they collapse into a sweet little puppy-pile heap. <3
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Today's my birthday! I'm 36 and Vali bought me a lobster claw to steam as a tribute and stuff. Love? I can has. :D

Two things completely unrelated to me that I will appropriate as birthday presents:

1. Clinton sucked wind in Iowa-- this pleases me so much I can't tell you. Half a present goes to the first guy who finger-wags me for not Standing Up For The Sisterhood.

2. Jamie McCrimmon, the Doctor's Actual Proper Soulmate Part III. (The rest in this great series are here.) Okay, we're going to shoot this at a Guinness plant, so get loaded then climb down off the roof and swing from a helicopter ladder. Also, Isobel + Zoe= Yes Please. <3 <3 <3

I lost my brother's Target gift card. I am :(. I honestly don't remember tossing it. What's more likely is that I put it Somewhere Safe (like in Brigadoon) and sometime in 2013 I'll go Hey Neat-- Windfall!

Bright side-- while looking for Brother's Missing Gift Card I've found a lot of fun stuff. And a missing CD speaker. And a lot of postcards.

Who wants a postcard? Comments on this entry are screened so if you want one, drop me a response with your name and address. Don't worry about where you live, either. Even if you live in Antarctica, it's all good. I feel like sending them out far and wide.


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