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Not as wretchedly sick as yesterday, thank goodness. Am at the state's annual library conference today and tomorrow. Although I can't say my life has been radically altered by presentations on the new Inspire interface or things like that, I have to say that I've been enjoying myself. I bought some books by Peg Kehret, an impulse purchase that I haven't regretted, and looked up some vegetarian options on, choosing the only one in walking distance, a nice Indian restaurant a few blocks away.

It's been a couple of years since I've been here, but man, Indy is taking a turn for the worse. That's probably why they want all convention goers to use the skyway, I guess. A few blocks away from the red hot center of it all it's bond bail shops or boarded up.

My eggplant and tomato curry was yummy and spicy, and as I was drinking the last of my tea in preparation to leave I was waved over by a fellow librarian. She was with her daughter and enjoying the day, so we sat and chatted for twenty minutes about libraries, Google Tools, and (what else?) Twilight. This happened when I was a pollworker a couple of weeks back-- our Republican judge, in addition to being a darn fine worker, is also an aspiring paranormal romance writer.

"So you've read Twilight?" I asked.

"Omg yes," she cried, "it's my favorite!"

"Omg, I love it too!" I said.

"Are you two talking about Twilight?" asked our (sliiiiightly older) Democratic clerk.

"Omg I love that book!"

"Omg we do too!"

And then it was all Omg omg omg squee, omg Edward squee! erm, Jacob not so much squee. Squee squee! for the next five minutes. By now I'm starting to believe the only people who don't like Twilight are a) have a Y chromosome or b) haven't read it yet. To the ones in the B category, turn back now, it's not too late, the squee is gonna get you.

[ profile] violetisblue also informs me via chat that someone has written Sarah Palin/Edward Cullen. Can I get an L, an O, and an L?
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Cooking with [ profile] violetisblue. Even if it's just a little thing, it's relaxing to hash out the WTF parts of one's day over a vegetable curry or a chickpea cutlet.

The Neuter Scooter visited the area today, spaying and neutering 25 cats. That's not a lot for them, but they did 102 in Crown Point the day before so I think they deserve a break. By the time I arrived they were already done, so I got to see owners pick up their cats which was really sweet. I love how goofy people are about their pets, or their ferals or strays they want to protect. Dr. Peavy went home with some homemade vegan cholent as a teeny expression of my thanks.

Twilight. All the kids on [ profile] fandomsecrets went on and on and on and ON about how this series is the Death of Grate Litriture and that Stephenie Meyer gave them rectal cancer that I had to give this book a go, and now I love it. It's big and silly and gothic romance for high schoolers (and me) and it's just the thing I'm in the mood for reading right now. I love Meyer turned the Pacific Northwest (a "damp green hole," her words) into The Moor. I love how Bella is so a 35 year old teenager, how Stephenie Meyer really grooves on young guys impossibly handsome Edward is, and how much Bella turns him on and how *totally her fault* it is. She's so meen! I think everyone needs to be a little bit more careful about all the accidental on-turning there is here. I even giggled at the whole "vegetarian vampires" thing-- only a Mormon would think snacking on a mountain lion is vegetarian in any sense of the word. Let the mass defriending commence!

My new screensaver, it are lovely and a little creepy.
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On my way back from Nebraska I tried a lot of different library CDs, and I have to say that Back to Black was the runaway favorite. All this time I'd only ever heard of Amy Winehouse through the tabloids, therefore I always associated her with Britney Spears in my mind. Turns out she's more like Janis Joplin with a better voice. Man, can she sing. I mean, really sing. And then I got sad knowing she's going to die some stupid cliched rock star death or be encased in an iron lung somewhere because she can't stop smoking crack and she won't make any more incredible music and yes, I did just turn that back around to me.

And a co-worker and I are going to see the Twilight movie when it comes out. As a person who has no interest in the books, I'm stupidly happy to be going to see this. I am hoping for whacked-out nuttiness but that's just my perpetual optimism talking.


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