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Cooking with [ profile] violetisblue. Even if it's just a little thing, it's relaxing to hash out the WTF parts of one's day over a vegetable curry or a chickpea cutlet.

The Neuter Scooter visited the area today, spaying and neutering 25 cats. That's not a lot for them, but they did 102 in Crown Point the day before so I think they deserve a break. By the time I arrived they were already done, so I got to see owners pick up their cats which was really sweet. I love how goofy people are about their pets, or their ferals or strays they want to protect. Dr. Peavy went home with some homemade vegan cholent as a teeny expression of my thanks.

Twilight. All the kids on [ profile] fandomsecrets went on and on and on and ON about how this series is the Death of Grate Litriture and that Stephenie Meyer gave them rectal cancer that I had to give this book a go, and now I love it. It's big and silly and gothic romance for high schoolers (and me) and it's just the thing I'm in the mood for reading right now. I love Meyer turned the Pacific Northwest (a "damp green hole," her words) into The Moor. I love how Bella is so a 35 year old teenager, how Stephenie Meyer really grooves on young guys impossibly handsome Edward is, and how much Bella turns him on and how *totally her fault* it is. She's so meen! I think everyone needs to be a little bit more careful about all the accidental on-turning there is here. I even giggled at the whole "vegetarian vampires" thing-- only a Mormon would think snacking on a mountain lion is vegetarian in any sense of the word. Let the mass defriending commence!

My new screensaver, it are lovely and a little creepy.


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