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Have you ever made a joke on someone else's joke, and they turn around and take you seriously by mistake?

And it was about Star Wars, for the love of god.

Sadly, the post I'm referring to was bahleeted by the mods, so I'm just rambling in an incoherent sort of way, horrified that there's someone out there who thinks I take Star Wars seriously. Or take it at all, even.
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Cinematic Titanic news )

See isn't that nice? Vali and I would sell our souls to get them to come to Chicago to perform, oh please, oh please!

Vali and I are making pad thai for Doctor Who Fail Day tomorrow. Or mole skillet pie, we're not sure. We've decided to treat series 4 like a MSTing experiment, roasted fresh from the kitchens of Rusty "Issues? Oh, a TAD" Davies. Well, it was roasted fresh, then it was covered in mayonnaise and left in the trunk of the car for two weeks. Anyway, not expecting it to be good at all comes with a sense of relief. Vali and I have tough MSTy hides. *And* we've watched The Starfighters multiple times and lived to tell the tale, so bring it on, fat boy.

I am obsessed with this James Bond fanvid, won't you join me? When did I realize I was a secret agent junkie? Was it Secret Agent Super Dragon or Danger! Death Ray MSTings played on endless loops when I needed cheering up? Was it the way I was completely, unironically charmed the first time I watched Goldfinger? Or was it Vali's really sexy secret agent story for LADIES, called The Ladies Secret Agent Story? It could be all those things, but I say it's high time I admitted my addiction to myself.

(Okay, is not actually called The Ladies Secret Agent Story, but I can't remember the title and Amazon doesn't want to spit it out.)

I just got in a nice man who watched The Mist and was sorted of messed up by the ending, and I got to smile cryptically and say, I can't tell you the ending, but I think you'll like the story a lot better. I love when I get to do stuff like that. And we actually had the short story collection on the shelf, a miracle! And yesterday I got to select books to beef up our labor studies collection, and I think I chose very well for the money we were allowed to spend. When I actually get to do library stuff I am really very happy with my job.
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OMGYAY real honest-to-goodness Castleton t-shirts for sale! ::backflip:: We've been on a Time Chasers kick lately, sort of like auxiliary Doctor Who with acid-washed action. Your butt looks good in the future!

It has come to my attention (looks over at her loving wyfe) that I've been a titch prickly in my LJ entries over the past few days. After a lot of huffy what-EVERs, I grudgingly accepted that she was right. *shakes fist at heavens* I've just not been in a mood to suffer people gladly. Usually when I feel this way I sit on that feeling till it passes, but didn't feel like doing so this time.

I regret nothing, only that it makes me sound angrier than I actually am. I'm feeling pretty good, really, just a little sleepy. Still, I want to do something a little bit sweeter today. Why not have a delicious grilled cheese and hot cocoa with the cutest cuddly monkey in the whole wide world? (Note to [ profile] annlarimer: not THAT cuddly monkey. o.O)

While you enjoy your snack you can enjoy pictures like this...

We got cardboard in the mail (yay, just what i always wanted) and Casey's been having a blast with it-- she'll lay down longways against it, or sit like she is in the picture, like she's manager of the General Store. It's like there's a barrier; she never steps over it, choosing instead to walk out the opening. She's too nutty.


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