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Vali writes about it better than I do, so go read her write-up if you haven't already. It was glorious. Just...guys, next time? Come in July. Hell, even September.

Things and stuff and stuff and things:

1. I forgot to bring Mary Jo Pehl's book to sign, but as it was about 2am when the thing was finally done and I am old, cold and tired and Mary Jo looked like she was going to fall asleep standing up so I decided maybe next time. Also I forgot to bring it and I don't know where it is in the house. All I know is that I'll be very upset with myself if I lost it.

2. I also forgot to shout out "FUTURE MRS. FRANK CONNIFF!!!" at any point during the proceedings because I was too busy crying with laughter during his opening routine. Some people are just intrinsically, effortlessly funny.

3. I literally eeped with pure unadulterated glee at Cinematic Titanic's Greatest Hits at the end of the feature movie, Frankenstein's House of Freaks. I wanted to do the Wave Of One when Frank does his Death in Ginger Baker Canyon riff, which should be included in everything. Unfunny riffs can be made funny again, trufax.

4. Vali is writing "Mr. and Mrs. Vali Hodgson" in every notebook in the house, hee hee hee. Low-key Vali squee is rare and utterly wonderful. And Joel has held up very well over the years, yes ma'am. Him and Trace.

5. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but the Cinematic Titanic shirts are made in the U.S.A. That was very cool.
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Cinematic Titanic has e-cards!

I'm not very patiently waiting for my next fix installment. Years ago I used to be sad thinking there would be no more MSTings, and would console myself that (as shows went) this one had a pretty fine run. But now I have Cinematic Titanic! <3 Don't get me wrong, I love the Rifftrax shorts, but CT is closer to the spirit of the original show.

Oh, Mr. Bennett, god has been very good to us!

ETA: The [ profile] mst3k community asked what your Turkey Day marathon would look like.

Here are my choices...

Joel era:
Rocketship X-M (a sentimental choice, as it was the first one I ever saw)
King Dinosaur
The Amazing Colossal Man
Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2
It Conquered the World
Master Ninja 2
Teenagers from Outer Space
Hercules Unchained
The Magic Sword
The Rebel Set
The Day the Earth Froze
Manos: The Hands of Fate
Secret Agent Super Dragon
The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
Operation Double 007
The Painted Hills

And because for many of us this is a four-day weekend, here is a bonus, Mike-themed fantasy MiSTie holiday.

Mike era:
Teen-Age Strangler
Girls Town
Code Name: Diamond Head
The Skydivers
The Violent Years
The Starfighters
Danger! Death Ray
The Giant Spider Invasion
Parts: The Clonus Horror
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
Riding With Death
Agent for H.A.R.M.
The Horror of Party Beach
Devil Doll
Space Mutiny
Time Chasers
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
The Projected Man
The Pumaman
The Deadly Bees
The Space Children
The Final Sacrifice
Devil Fish
The Screaming Skull
Girl in Gold Boots
Track of the Moon Beast


Aug. 20th, 2008 11:50 am
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The wyfe and I are going to this in Chicago on December 20.
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Cinematic Titanic news )

See isn't that nice? Vali and I would sell our souls to get them to come to Chicago to perform, oh please, oh please!

Vali and I are making pad thai for Doctor Who Fail Day tomorrow. Or mole skillet pie, we're not sure. We've decided to treat series 4 like a MSTing experiment, roasted fresh from the kitchens of Rusty "Issues? Oh, a TAD" Davies. Well, it was roasted fresh, then it was covered in mayonnaise and left in the trunk of the car for two weeks. Anyway, not expecting it to be good at all comes with a sense of relief. Vali and I have tough MSTy hides. *And* we've watched The Starfighters multiple times and lived to tell the tale, so bring it on, fat boy.

I am obsessed with this James Bond fanvid, won't you join me? When did I realize I was a secret agent junkie? Was it Secret Agent Super Dragon or Danger! Death Ray MSTings played on endless loops when I needed cheering up? Was it the way I was completely, unironically charmed the first time I watched Goldfinger? Or was it Vali's really sexy secret agent story for LADIES, called The Ladies Secret Agent Story? It could be all those things, but I say it's high time I admitted my addiction to myself.

(Okay, is not actually called The Ladies Secret Agent Story, but I can't remember the title and Amazon doesn't want to spit it out.)

I just got in a nice man who watched The Mist and was sorted of messed up by the ending, and I got to smile cryptically and say, I can't tell you the ending, but I think you'll like the story a lot better. I love when I get to do stuff like that. And we actually had the short story collection on the shelf, a miracle! And yesterday I got to select books to beef up our labor studies collection, and I think I chose very well for the money we were allowed to spend. When I actually get to do library stuff I am really very happy with my job.
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Vali had the day off because of the nasty winter weather (all of her co-workers live in unincorporated hellholes that don't have money for commie pinko socialist programs like snow removal). I, otoh, had to go.


I was really grumpy about it, especially when I accidentally removed the driver's side windshield wiper and spent 15 minutes in the snow trying to put the fucking thing back on. Eventually I pleaded with a neighbor help my poor frustrated self. Yes, I'm 36 and don't know how to put on my own windshield wipers. Now is your moment to feel superior.

Vali's all relaxed and stuff, updating her Recs Page and generally just having a swell time. I look at her and think, it must be nice not to be perpetually grouchy. I should try it sometime.

So I subscribe to a mailing list called Meatout Mondays, and this week they had a recipe for jalapeno poppers made with vegan cream cheese. They were FRANTASTIC. ::thud:: Vali and I have become popper eatin' fools. The irony is that I almost deleted the recipe because it had the subject line "poppers" and thought it was more spam.

(I realize the mailing list is just so much vegan product placement, but in this case Tofutti's Better Than Cream Cheese totally deserves it. Nom Nom Nom.)

the recipe, for those folks who are interested )

Along with the jalapeno poppers, I made tempeh wingz, tempeh bacon, and banana nut muffins. With butter. When they find a nonhydrogenated margarine that doesn't taste like ass, I will be more than happy to make the switch. Until then.

Cinematic Titanic's newest project, The Oozing Skull, is really excellent. We were too nervous, worried that it might suck, to fully appreciate how good it was the first time we watched it, but now we're really in the swing of things. It's really hard to make fun of a movie without descending into open contempt for the finished project. I guess I missed the Joel years more than I realize. The point is, you should buy it and stuff. (My favorite riff is the title of this entry.)

Took co-worker friend to see her Garfield cat again today. She really likes him, but hasn't committed yet. I'm not telling her because it's not right to be pushy, but if she wants him she'd better act quick. He's a completely adorkable squeeze toy attention hound. I came in today to find him all propped up on the lap of luxury on some nice lady's lap. But it's cool, I just want to see him get adopted into a nice home, I really don't care where ultimately.

Went trolling through Doctor Who Icons last night. I found some really excellent ones, and yet I still feel grumpy and dissatisfied.

Three rhetorical questions for you Doctor Who fans all out there )

And Billie Piper, isn't there a union rule that says you HAVE to let other actresses take a few roles? The UK acting community has collapsed because she is currently in every 3rd role on television. Please stop her before she inevitably gets tagged to play Mary Russell. The sad thing is, she would be *perfect* to play Mary Russell; she sort of has the lock on "I'm an irritating blonde twat who grinds the action to the halt and has the entire universe revolve around her" roles.


Mmm. Peckish. Poppers are a-callin'. Then I have to finish The Game. Only 120 pages left to go. (::cries::)


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