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I haven't missed much since taking down the old website-- it was expensive and I never used it, and Vali was right when she said it was like moving from a house that was too big for you to a cozy lil apartment in walking distance of the busline-- but it did store all the icons for my MST3K moodtheme, so for the last couple of days I've been busy reuploading those pictures. And I snagged a Hot Fuzz moodtheme while I was at it.

As I'm uploading the pictures, I realize I don't have that many moods in my real life. Although I am often quixotic, I don't often describe myself as such, for example. Most of my moods seem to boil down to


as I'm an indolent little fucker who loves the creature comforts of life. I don't think I've ever been crushed, sympathetic, envious, or predatory, and it will be a cold day in hell before I describe myself as horny in a public journal.

Am I saying that now's the time to open up and use more words to describe myself? Is hungry even a mood? Only time will tell.

Last night I had another self-esteem nosedive, forcing Vali to say, why don't you tell your hateful inner voice what Bernard Black said to the skinheads? "Millwall, Millwall, Millwall, you're all really dreadful, and all your girlfriends are unfulfilled and alienated, tralalalalalala..." I swear it's working beyond my or her wildest dreams. I feel better than I have in ages because the hateful inner voice has no way of countering it, not yet anyway. It's the silly dance at the end that puts them off.

Anyway, off to a meeting. Save a leg for me!
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I have the sweetest, silliest wyfe in the world, exhibit Q--

With permission, here are scans of fannish drawerings Vali made me for Valentine's Day, in which Nicholas and Danny, Doctors Five and Ten and their Masters, Romana, Sam and Gene, Tim and Daisy, and Bernard and Manny confess their true feelinks for one another. Writing and art direction done by the cats.

Clickee for viewee )

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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To the lovely a-nonny-mouse person who gave me extra time and userpics...Thank you! That was really sweet! I wish I knew who you were so's I can thank you more properly, but hopefully you'll read all about it here. I've immediately defiled the precious icon gift you've given me with Two/Jamie and Spaced goodness, hope that's okeydoke. ::girlysigh::

Cards! [ profile] whingnut and [ profile] madwriter sent us the loveliest card. I have the best friends ever. (((You guys!)))

Pumpkin spice soymilk is really really good. Like, only buy once a year otherwise you'll get really fat and have to buy new clothes good. But when you do buy it, have it with a couple of unbelievably good cookies the nice neighbors made for you and watch a season or three of Black Books and you'll get really high. Trust me.

OMG is Bernard in love with Manny or what??? Vali has found her new soulmate in Bernard. Being a librarian I can't actually fall in love with Bernard as he reminds me too much of work, but watching Vali squee is the cutest thing ever.

Today was a pretty fun and relaxing day. Vali cooked a lot-- black beans and kale, brussels sprouts, artichokes, and every good thing. It was incredible. Tomorrow we watch The Five Doctors ([ profile] greenbubblewrap says so) and having Christmas dinner at the Mater's. Then we get to come home and make fun of Tennant.

Vali read to me tonight's latest where Rusty gets drunk and thinks Hitler would be a good Time Lord. Can I just join the Fail!Chorus for a sec? I thought The Doctor was Jesus. This is all very confusing and someone a lot funnier than myself will have to explain it all in macro-vision.

Love to ya'll and goodnight. <3


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