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2009-07-05 12:01 am
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"Daisy and I have two anniversaries..."

"...I take it from the first time we kissed, she takes it from the first time we were physically intimate."

Happy 9th anniversary to my sweetheart [personal profile] violetisblue, who at this moment is working her ickle fingers to the bone updating her fic journal. Go reads it, yah?

And randomly (since I'm thinking kawaii things), enjoy this youtube video of a Scottish fold cat who likes to wedge himself into cardboard 'DIET' drink boxes.

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2009-04-22 10:39 pm
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I take my sweetie to all the best places

Vali and I have been on vacation this week. Yesterday I took her to see cats get castrated, then we went down the street to the local art gallery, where we bought metal flowers for the garden and where the gallery owner decided to be creepily solicitous towards my sweetie. We bought art from him anyway. That'll show 'im.
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2009-04-15 10:03 pm
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(no subject)

Although Vali and I aren't particularly religious, we enjoy exchanging cards at Easter. We're easy marks for any card with baby animals on them, what can we say?-- and Vali likes to draw cartoons in mine.

This last card had a skit called "Wait, It's Dark!" The joke depended on knowing the Court Theater's most recent production, who Mr. Smartypants, Howard, Vince, Casey, Cutie, and certain shelter cats are, and why this is all funny. Trust me when I say it was.

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2009-01-11 12:13 am
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Your plastic pal who's fun to be with

Like a lot of people, I've been contemplating other places to go if LJ goes in fact go tits-up. [ profile] violetisblue got me an invite code for Inksome, which I think is really rather lovely. (We have permanent accounts on Insanejournal but doubt if we're ever going to use them.) And I have a Vox account. So far my favorite to play with is my new Twitter account. Doing it on the web is nice, but really I like the message in a bottle feel of blogging by cell phone. Drop a message while I'm out and about, and viola! I pay for unlimited texting, why not give the sucker a little workout? I was going to write, it's fun not being tied down by your computer, said after hour 3.

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, I just like having options. Especially since lj news just said that media reports of their trouble were exaggerated. Maybe it's the result of 8 years of GWB's America, but whenever someone assures me all is well I start to make contingency plans.
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2009-01-05 10:40 am
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I wear clothes older than this guy.

Had a mighty fine birfdaye yesterday-- the whole family called and we gabbed, and I got excellent Twilight swag from [ profile] violetisblue. I want to be buried in my pretty new Twilight t-shirt and pretty new hairclips from Herbivore. The best present? Finding out [ profile] violetisblue's eyeball pressurzz are A-OK. Not that I didn't think they wouldn't be, but I feel better all the same.

So speaking of Twilight, here is a little note I would write to the BBC if I thought they listened to such things:

Dear BBC,

I like Twilight very much as naturally I would. But that doesn't mean I want Edward Cullen lookalikes to be in my every waking moment, the same way I wouldn't want to eat my nice little vegan sushi rolls with brown rice and collard greens. Okay, bad example, but still-- isn't the doctor supposed to be different than what's come before? He's regenerated into the exact same person! Kenny, what gives?

No love, Mary

p.s. If the Doctor and the Rose clone snack on mountain lions and play superfast baseball then all will be forgiven. Eventually.
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2008-12-26 12:13 am
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I wish my legs would stop twitching.

I only tuned in to see if David Morrissey was capable of smiling and wow, a Doctor Who special that didn't make me want to kill myself. I'd heard that such an animal was possible but I didn't believe it. It was actually not awful! And the Sta-Puft Cyber Transformer was great for lolz.

[ profile] violetisblue got me the cutest bike basket, all green filigree and it has a strap for when you want to use it to go shopping. and a Donna Noble figure and a tiny pink robot; they're already friends on the windowsill. Four is going to be joining them later for grilled soy cheese sammiches. \o/
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2008-12-06 10:59 pm
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Odeon night

By my request, I asked Vali to show me this, as I'd never seen it before. Afterwards I had the same impulse little kids have after a bad dream or a violent rainstorm: Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight? D:

That doesn't mean I didn't love it, mind. It just frightened me a little. Especially at this one moment where I felt that the movie was watching us instead of the other way around. ::hides under the covers::

I've missed Odeon night (that's where Vali and I pick a movie that makes us exercise our grey matter). Sometimes I feel that I don't have the brain power to have Odeon night, forgetting that regular Odeon nights make my noggin feel stronger, more limber. Able to lift cars off babies. What the heck are these little guys doing under there?

Now we're watching The Mighty Boosh. Vali accurately describes TMB as Persona with all the ponchos in the world removed. I can only watch 2 episodes at a time before I want to burn it as a witch. Then it's off to soft cuddly entertainment like Teenage Strangler or The Giant Spider Invasion. *happysigh*
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2008-11-02 11:08 pm

The incoherent half is writing this

By freakish coincidence I had time and hemoglobin enough to donate a pint of red on Saturday after I picked up my voter materials. I was telling them about the long lines I saw at the courthouse waiting to vote early and how cool that was, yappity, and one of the staff members told me that her stepfather voted for the first time this year.

I told her, "That's great!" Only in hindsight did I notice she had paused on purpose to gauge my reaction.

She then said, "He's been dead for a year and a half," and gave me The Look. As if to shame me? It was so weird. She then went on about how much corruption there is in this county, voter fraud, stolen elections blah blah blah. I told her if it was all dead people voting then there were a lot of zombies in Crown Point waiting to cast their ballot. Her other coworkers looked like they've heard the dead stepdad anecdote A LOT and it wasn't especially interesting the first time around.

Okay. This whole dead stepdad bit would be a "Gotcha!" moment only if I knew the following:

1. That I knew her stepdad and knew that he'd fucking snuffed it. Um, sorry? Whatever.
2. What his name was and if it was a common one. Maybe there are two John Does in her precinct?
3. And how did she get a hold of the poll book to see if her stepdad voted in the first place? People can't just rifle through those things like romance novels on the paperback rack at Walgreen's.
4. Did the signatures in the poll book match? There's also a voter ID law in this state. If the signatures don't match in the poll book that's a red flag right there.
5. Zombie voter fraud conspiracy?

Or... maybe her stepdad is faking his death in order to stay the fuck away from her stepdaughter? This is the only explanation that seems to fit. (And it's making me think of an unrelated story on LJ where her family had their Christmas party w/o telling her. If you know who I'm talking about you'd know why.) Anyway, it was the stupidest GOTCHA in the whole wide world, therefore I had to share it with you.

Anyway, the point of this story is that I got to do a lot of canvassing in my hometown, yay, it saves on gas. And because I hate canvassing with other people as I usually get monster headaches an hour in and have to lay down afterwards, I got lots of long walks by myself and the weather was lovely. Tonight I came home to wonderful smells from the kitchen. Vali made Boston baked BEENS and homemade brown bread, and it was just as scrumptious as it sounds. Nom nom nom, I are spoiled rotten.
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2008-10-29 02:37 pm

Things that make me happy while I wait for November 4th to get here

Cooking with [ profile] violetisblue. Even if it's just a little thing, it's relaxing to hash out the WTF parts of one's day over a vegetable curry or a chickpea cutlet.

The Neuter Scooter visited the area today, spaying and neutering 25 cats. That's not a lot for them, but they did 102 in Crown Point the day before so I think they deserve a break. By the time I arrived they were already done, so I got to see owners pick up their cats which was really sweet. I love how goofy people are about their pets, or their ferals or strays they want to protect. Dr. Peavy went home with some homemade vegan cholent as a teeny expression of my thanks.

Twilight. All the kids on [ profile] fandomsecrets went on and on and on and ON about how this series is the Death of Grate Litriture and that Stephenie Meyer gave them rectal cancer that I had to give this book a go, and now I love it. It's big and silly and gothic romance for high schoolers (and me) and it's just the thing I'm in the mood for reading right now. I love Meyer turned the Pacific Northwest (a "damp green hole," her words) into The Moor. I love how Bella is so a 35 year old teenager, how Stephenie Meyer really grooves on young guys impossibly handsome Edward is, and how much Bella turns him on and how *totally her fault* it is. She's so meen! I think everyone needs to be a little bit more careful about all the accidental on-turning there is here. I even giggled at the whole "vegetarian vampires" thing-- only a Mormon would think snacking on a mountain lion is vegetarian in any sense of the word. Let the mass defriending commence!

My new screensaver, it are lovely and a little creepy.
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2008-08-30 01:35 pm

(no subject)

Last Friday I threw a dinner party at our house. I do this every solar eclipse or so, and each time I’m reminded of why I shouldn’t do it again. And then time passes and I forget and the whole vicious cycle repeats itself. Not to get into all the reasons why the evening was Fail (I’m a nervous and anxious person by nature and I worry so much that people aren’t having a good time that I torpedo the whole evening), but here goes: I don’t understand my heterosexual women friends on a fundamental level. Sure, write fanfic about them, pay them to cut your lawn, whatever, but men seem like a lot of work for not a lot of return. Or as the Hobgoblins MSTing line goes– “If you just let go they’ll fall over.”

And then to top it off I got some poison ivy on myself that night and rubbed it all over Vali, who always suffers more than I do with the urushiol than I do. In spite of all this she hasn’t asked for a divorce. Last night I made her favorite snack (spicy sweet potato and spinach knish) in an attempt at making amends.

A long while back [ profile] violetisblue asked me Five Questions.

Read more... )
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2008-08-29 11:33 pm

Random stuff that happened this week

This is how I felt after I watched Obama's speech last night ...

(thanks to [ profile] skywardprodigal, I saw it in her LJ 1st)

Thinking about last night, I had one of those little epiphanies you get while you're doing errands that seem really profound until you start to write it down. I feel like the last and maybe the saddest victim of the last decade is hope. A lot of people on LJ are skeptical of Obama, and why shouldn't we be? We've spent not just the last 8 years, but really since Reagan we've been told that government is the enemy, it's crooked, it can't do anything right. And really, they've been doing their damnedest to prove their point. (I like Rachel Maddow's line: If you don't believe in government, stop running one.) It appeals to our (and by 'our' I mean 'my') cynical nature that nothing can ever get better. And when someone tells you that things could get better if we worked together and had hope in a brighter future, that's a pretty big target ripe for ridicule. I feel like people are afraid to try anything because it'll result in failure. Of course it's hard to imagine us failing moar harder than we already have. But if you start out a project with no faith in yourself that you will succeed because you are afraid of failure, you're not giving yourself much a chance. That's not politics, that's just life. I'm not hoping for miracles, I just want us to suck less because we can do better than this and I believe a lot of people feel the same way. Yep, definitely sounded better in my head.

Vali and I keep watching the episode of Spaced called 'Art': job interviews from hell, going to see your ex-boy/girlfriend's new bit of performance art, zombies, twiglets, violence, loads of cheap speed, what's not to like? It's scratching an itch we've got somewhere for this kind of thing. I love Vali's fanon that Vulva was verbally abusive to Brian only to shake him out of his state of complacency, is trufax. Now I'm showing Vali Batman: The Animated Series and so far she's likin' it. Keen.

A couple of days ago I was adding a couple of veg-friendly links when I found myself on a librarian's guide to vegan websites, which led me to I Can't Believe It's Vegan. It does my black heart glad to know that Froot Loops are vegan, as they were my favorite guilty pleasure cereal when I was in college. Anyway, I went to the main site to see what People for Euthanizing Tiny Animals was up to lately, when I see Alicia Silverstone's all-nude testimonial to vegetarianism. And yes, she is very pretty, but how much cooler would it be to see James Cromwell or Forrest Whitaker do the same ad, same way? Coming up out of the pool, all resplendent with their vegan naughty bits? Actually, ever since I thought that I can't unsee it, and it makes me smile every time.

The first time I tried diet pepsi with ginseng it was a miracle. I could focus, Vali said I looked cuter, etc. Then I started buying it by the 12 pack, and I find out very quickly that a little is good, a lot makes me completely fucking manic. I have no direction, no game plan, but at least I have LOTS AND LOTS OF ENERGY to do it in. Am freecyling [ profile] annlarimer the unused portion and hope that it doesn't make her head blow up.
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2008-04-21 08:49 pm

(no subject)

"In his soul, Bond is a charming and bookish lesbian. This inner conflict is the root of his psychosis. Or, yknow, massive brain lesions."-- [ profile] annlarimer, explaining the appeal James Bond holds for me. Thus....(*drumroll*) default icon! Because I don't have the stomach the heart to find a screencap of Connery in Zardoz and put it on top of that, even though it would make more contextual sense.

That gave me an idea for a panel at MediaWest:

1. James Bond and Doctor Who, let's talk about these two modern British archetypes. (I'm not qualified to do this panel as I don't know enough about either of them to moderate it well, so I'm throwing it out there in case anyone reads this and wants to go for it.)

The second one came to [ profile] violetisblue last night and I think it's a winner--

2. "HOW MANY TIMES CAN I SAY NO???" Your friends are trying to pimp you into fandoms that you hate. Discuss coping strategies with similarly aggrieved fans.

I like this one, but it would degenerate into "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DON'T LIKE X, ZOMG OPPRESHUN!!" I would have to keep order with a lot of yelling and a bullhorn. But I might like that. Hmmm.

[ profile] violetisblue watched me cut open the pink checkerboard cake o' doom this morning, and put all my fears to rest by saying it's lovely. Now I have to figure out who's going to eat it, because most of the pleasure is in the making, not the eating. You guys want to come over, help me out with a slice?
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2008-04-16 01:43 pm

Another bitter Midwesterner pours out her heart to an unsympathetic public

I haven't missed much since taking down the old website-- it was expensive and I never used it, and Vali was right when she said it was like moving from a house that was too big for you to a cozy lil apartment in walking distance of the busline-- but it did store all the icons for my MST3K moodtheme, so for the last couple of days I've been busy reuploading those pictures. And I snagged a Hot Fuzz moodtheme while I was at it.

As I'm uploading the pictures, I realize I don't have that many moods in my real life. Although I am often quixotic, I don't often describe myself as such, for example. Most of my moods seem to boil down to


as I'm an indolent little fucker who loves the creature comforts of life. I don't think I've ever been crushed, sympathetic, envious, or predatory, and it will be a cold day in hell before I describe myself as horny in a public journal.

Am I saying that now's the time to open up and use more words to describe myself? Is hungry even a mood? Only time will tell.

Last night I had another self-esteem nosedive, forcing Vali to say, why don't you tell your hateful inner voice what Bernard Black said to the skinheads? "Millwall, Millwall, Millwall, you're all really dreadful, and all your girlfriends are unfulfilled and alienated, tralalalalalala..." I swear it's working beyond my or her wildest dreams. I feel better than I have in ages because the hateful inner voice has no way of countering it, not yet anyway. It's the silly dance at the end that puts them off.

Anyway, off to a meeting. Save a leg for me!
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2008-03-25 10:10 pm

The best Life on Mars prompt I'll ever come up with, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.

I've been wanting to write something, anything, but work has been really busy lately to the point where when I come home I just stare at stuff until it's time to go back to work again.

Vali and I watched Kiss Me Deadly on Saturday. Not a likeable character in the whole thing, but nonetheless completely great. And I guessed the twist about 2 seconds before it happened, which impressed Vali mightily.

The point is, after you see Cloris Leachman being tortured (mostly with the camera facing away, Reservoir Dogs-style...or maybe that should be the other way around), you need to see her in the Mary Tyler Moore show slapping around Sue Ann Nevins in her celebrity test kitchen.

Have I mentioned that I completely adore Sue Ann Nivens? Because I do.

Anyway, the point for real this time. While I was watching Mary Tyler Moore so totally and obviously have IT and I had a thought: what if Sam Tyler didn't go back to Manchester 1973, but Minneapolis 1973? Sam Tyler Moore goes to one of Mary Richards' bad dinner parties and spends the entire time locked in her bathroom crying his eyes out. Bess Lindstrom could be the test card girl, and when Sam gets a load of Lou Grant it's all Gene Hunt who?

Sam Tyler/Lou Grant slash. It could happen! Sam tosses his leather jacket in the air and Lou douses it with scotch and sets it on fire, because Sam's got spunk and he hates spunk dontcha know. I think it's no coincidence that WJM's office and the Manchester police station look so similar.

Casey just chased a bug and ate it. She is ridiculously smug, all the more so because of all of the fawning praise we've given her.
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2008-03-17 10:17 am

Why am I here instead of knitting?

I am wearing an olive greenish brown pullover. It is not green. It just happened to be the thing that caught my eye when I yanked clothes out of the closet. I am not celebrating some crazy white person's holiday. I don't have much use for St. Patrick's Day as the only drinks I pretty much ever have are water, diet pepsi, and tea, Earl Grey, hot.

So there's this thing going around LJ called a Doctor Who anonymeme. This is because certain fen out there are getting grouchy waiting for their show to pop back onscreen. It's the equivalent to fans picking fights during summer rerun season, or your pet bird who won't shut up until you put the cover over its cage. And my sweetie has been mentioned more than once on it, congrats honey! You know you've arrived when people get really irritated by your existence.

So far as I can make out, these are her crimes:

*She writes fanfic that people really like.

*She has opinions.

*She crossposts.

*She doesn't crosspost.

*She prefers characters who read to characters who'd rather shove chips and tiemcock into every orifice.

*She has online friends and enjoys their company.

*She picked a name for her community ([ profile] bestenemies) before someone else got to snag it. (To which I say to you all in total honesty: You are a baby, a kindergarten baby. Wash your face in gravy. Wrap it up in bubblegum and send it to the Navy.)

*She misspelled a couple of words. (See, in my world, when I spy a misspelling, a send the person a quick note pointing it out instead of ridiculing someone about it. That is because I am not an asshole.)

And I know what you're thinking-- why didn't they talk about the fact that sometimes she hogs the blankets and kicks me under the covers just because she can? And sometimes when we go out for ice cream she only takes a couple of bites and has me finish the rest so I'll get fat? Or the time she made me quit smoking when we moved in together?

I leave anonymemes feeling dissatisfied because they never hit on the real issues.
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2008-03-16 03:32 pm
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(no subject)

First bike to work day of the day. Lovely day, good temperature, Windy As Fuck. But I get the wind to my back when I go home, so that's going to be supersweet.

Yesterday I volunteered at my first offsite pet adoption event with the local humane society. I got to stumble around like a clueless newbie that got in the way for the most part, but I did get to walk a couple of dogs, someone filled out an application for the kittens, and someone else was interested in fostering and I got to connect the dots with her, so that was nice.

I'm still trying to get used to this whole "walk the dog" thing. I like friends' dogs just great, but I'm leery of walking shelter dogs because I'm afraid they'll slip the leash and run out into the street and die and it will all be my fault, or I'll do something that'll remind the dog of something traumatic in their past and they'll rip my head off and I'll die and it'll all be my fault. But the other thing is, dog walking looks really fun. And most of the dogwalkers come back from their walks and most of them still have their limbs attached. It's a puzzler.

So yesterday I walked a little four year old miniature pinscher/pug mix (imagine *those* parents, if you will) that looks like she'd given birth to half the puppies in Northwest Indiana. I liked her: She didn't bark, got along with other dogs well enough, and tolerated stupid humans. When she'd pull on the leash I'd stop walking. Eventually, after enough times, we went as many as twenty steps without her pulling on the leash. In short, my kind of dog.

And then I went home to snag Vali to take her out for ice cream. This place in particular. It was goooood ice cream. Now we have another place to take our pals when they come visit, and it's just right down the road, an amazing find. Buy it from the grumpy man, I dare ya!

Not much else apart from that. Work is frustrating as always, but at least I have an office with a window. After being in PetSmart for hours under dim lights, you realize how much you take natural lighting for granted.
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2008-03-01 10:59 pm

The internets has just achieved Absolute Flippin Perfection.

Someone just posted a recipe for hasperat. Vegan Star Trek food. WHICH I AM TOTALLY MAKING. I'm going to modify it with chili oil instead of soy sauce, use roasted red pepper hummus with horseradish and maybe some julienned tofu. And it will be amazing.

Side note: has anyone else noticed that vegans eat waaaay too much salt? Not just this recipe which is supposed to be salty, I'm talking about any vegan recipe out there. And I say this as someone who loves salt, immediately half any salt/tamari/soy sauce that's in the recipe. In soup, use water instead of those "salt-free" bouillon cubes, which contain tons of potassium (this via [ profile] violetisblue, whose health depends on this sort of knowledge). I guarantee you won't miss it.

Also by way of Vali, a decent soy sauce substitute: one part blackstrap molasses to two parts balsamic vinegar and enough ginger powder to taste. It's more teriyaki than soy, but it gets the job done.

Today was much better than yesterday. I slept late and read the next mystery in my monthly mystery book discussion. If this book were food, it would be a very nice American beer-- light and bubbly and with absolutely no aftertaste. It was perfectly unobjectionable, and the killer was spoiler )

Then I went to the shelter and got a couple of cats adopted (someone actually reads the adoptable pets section of the local paper, who knew?), then came home and made this soup, chickpea cutlets, and steamed peas and carrots. Then a friend of mine who I haven't spoken to in a while called up and we chatted. Then Vali and I decamped to the bedroom to watch tv and that brings us up, I guess.

We're toying with the idea of leaving the tv in the bedroom, rules of feng shui and all that garbage be damned.
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2008-02-18 02:26 pm
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Those ladies, they get everything. LADIES.

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet [ profile] violetisblue and to the lovely [ profile] rachel_wilder. Both of them have birthdays today!

In honor of this solemn occasion, I got a very silly man to sing a song for you.


Hrmm. He might not get paid for this gig.

But anyway. Happy Birthday, ladies!

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2008-02-15 10:51 pm

I picspam you moar!

I have the sweetest, silliest wyfe in the world, exhibit Q--

With permission, here are scans of fannish drawerings Vali made me for Valentine's Day, in which Nicholas and Danny, Doctors Five and Ten and their Masters, Romana, Sam and Gene, Tim and Daisy, and Bernard and Manny confess their true feelinks for one another. Writing and art direction done by the cats.

Clickee for viewee )

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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2008-02-13 12:40 pm

Abbie's back!

Abbie the Cat is back! And he is so grounded. I'm so relieved. Vali and I have been really worried about the little guy.

I was hunting around Youtube for that clip in Spaced where Tim and Bilbo dance around like mad to celebrate Tim getting his job back, because that was my state of mind after finding out Abbie had returned, and I find a 30-second clip of Simon Pegg and Julia Deakin making out instead. O.O I *swear* I did not intentionally go out looking for this. Robots tied me down and made me watch it a hundred times.

And I would like to take this opportunity to tell the world that I love my wyfe for so many reasons, not the least of which is that she doesn't embarrass me at work with a three foot bear or a thousand pink mylar balloons. Chocolate and Doctor Who DVDs, that's where it's at. Thank you, honey. *mek*