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When I ran out of diet Pepsi last Thursday I thought I'd try to clean my system of the demon caffeine. After 2 1/2 days of pounding headaches and nausea (sinusitis didn't help), I decided caffeine > me and at [ profile] violetisblue's threatening urging I bought many many diet Pepsis and chased them down with lots of sinus meds. Vali calls it my Mormonism; I prefer to think of it as Momanism.

The headache cleared in time to watch Radio Macbeth at the Court Theater. It's one of those plays where you wish you could see it over and over to catch all the stuff you missed. It's a rehearsal for a radio version of the play, and while no one ever speaks out of character, there are all these little gestures and looks between the actors as they said their lines. The actor who played the Weird Sisters at one point was banging on the table with a wooden block, and was it to get their attention, to ham it up and not let go of her moment, to focus, a warning? During one scene when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are going at it, three of the actors are staring at a light, off stage right. What the hell was that all about? That was the great thing about this play.

So now far we've seen Kabuki Macbeth, now Radio Macbeth-- someday Macbeth Macbeth? When we're not going to twists on the Scottish tragedy [ profile] violetisblue and I are obsessively watching Cinematic Titanic and old MSTings. There's a connection there.

And you know what's nice about the National Book Awards this year? That that craptastic Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks did not win. In my fantasy version of how this played out I see Angela Johnson and Cynthia Voigt trapping Daniel Handler in a double jock lock and giving him swirlies until he promises they won't give E. Lockhart anything but a swift kick in the groin. Prove to me that it didn't happen. I don't know anything about the book that did win, What I Saw and How I Lied, but I can tell you know that it's better than The Disreputable History. I JUST KNOW.


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