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Had a mighty fine birfdaye yesterday-- the whole family called and we gabbed, and I got excellent Twilight swag from [ profile] violetisblue. I want to be buried in my pretty new Twilight t-shirt and pretty new hairclips from Herbivore. The best present? Finding out [ profile] violetisblue's eyeball pressurzz are A-OK. Not that I didn't think they wouldn't be, but I feel better all the same.

So speaking of Twilight, here is a little note I would write to the BBC if I thought they listened to such things:

Dear BBC,

I like Twilight very much as naturally I would. But that doesn't mean I want Edward Cullen lookalikes to be in my every waking moment, the same way I wouldn't want to eat my nice little vegan sushi rolls with brown rice and collard greens. Okay, bad example, but still-- isn't the doctor supposed to be different than what's come before? He's regenerated into the exact same person! Kenny, what gives?

No love, Mary

p.s. If the Doctor and the Rose clone snack on mountain lions and play superfast baseball then all will be forgiven. Eventually.
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