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I am wearing an olive greenish brown pullover. It is not green. It just happened to be the thing that caught my eye when I yanked clothes out of the closet. I am not celebrating some crazy white person's holiday. I don't have much use for St. Patrick's Day as the only drinks I pretty much ever have are water, diet pepsi, and tea, Earl Grey, hot.

So there's this thing going around LJ called a Doctor Who anonymeme. This is because certain fen out there are getting grouchy waiting for their show to pop back onscreen. It's the equivalent to fans picking fights during summer rerun season, or your pet bird who won't shut up until you put the cover over its cage. And my sweetie has been mentioned more than once on it, congrats honey! You know you've arrived when people get really irritated by your existence.

So far as I can make out, these are her crimes:

*She writes fanfic that people really like.

*She has opinions.

*She crossposts.

*She doesn't crosspost.

*She prefers characters who read to characters who'd rather shove chips and tiemcock into every orifice.

*She has online friends and enjoys their company.

*She picked a name for her community ([ profile] bestenemies) before someone else got to snag it. (To which I say to you all in total honesty: You are a baby, a kindergarten baby. Wash your face in gravy. Wrap it up in bubblegum and send it to the Navy.)

*She misspelled a couple of words. (See, in my world, when I spy a misspelling, a send the person a quick note pointing it out instead of ridiculing someone about it. That is because I am not an asshole.)

And I know what you're thinking-- why didn't they talk about the fact that sometimes she hogs the blankets and kicks me under the covers just because she can? And sometimes when we go out for ice cream she only takes a couple of bites and has me finish the rest so I'll get fat? Or the time she made me quit smoking when we moved in together?

I leave anonymemes feeling dissatisfied because they never hit on the real issues.
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