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Someone just posted a recipe for hasperat. Vegan Star Trek food. WHICH I AM TOTALLY MAKING. I'm going to modify it with chili oil instead of soy sauce, use roasted red pepper hummus with horseradish and maybe some julienned tofu. And it will be amazing.

Side note: has anyone else noticed that vegans eat waaaay too much salt? Not just this recipe which is supposed to be salty, I'm talking about any vegan recipe out there. And I say this as someone who loves salt, immediately half any salt/tamari/soy sauce that's in the recipe. In soup, use water instead of those "salt-free" bouillon cubes, which contain tons of potassium (this via [ profile] violetisblue, whose health depends on this sort of knowledge). I guarantee you won't miss it.

Also by way of Vali, a decent soy sauce substitute: one part blackstrap molasses to two parts balsamic vinegar and enough ginger powder to taste. It's more teriyaki than soy, but it gets the job done.

Today was much better than yesterday. I slept late and read the next mystery in my monthly mystery book discussion. If this book were food, it would be a very nice American beer-- light and bubbly and with absolutely no aftertaste. It was perfectly unobjectionable, and the killer was a frustrated academic, someone who I'm positive [ profile] theodicy would recognize.

Then I went to the shelter and got a couple of cats adopted (someone actually reads the adoptable pets section of the local paper, who knew?), then came home and made this soup, chickpea cutlets, and steamed peas and carrots. Then a friend of mine who I haven't spoken to in a while called up and we chatted. Then Vali and I decamped to the bedroom to watch tv and that brings us up, I guess.

We're toying with the idea of leaving the tv in the bedroom, rules of feng shui and all that garbage be damned.
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