Mar. 16th, 2008

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First bike to work day of the day. Lovely day, good temperature, Windy As Fuck. But I get the wind to my back when I go home, so that's going to be supersweet.

Yesterday I volunteered at my first offsite pet adoption event with the local humane society. I got to stumble around like a clueless newbie that got in the way for the most part, but I did get to walk a couple of dogs, someone filled out an application for the kittens, and someone else was interested in fostering and I got to connect the dots with her, so that was nice.

I'm still trying to get used to this whole "walk the dog" thing. I like friends' dogs just great, but I'm leery of walking shelter dogs because I'm afraid they'll slip the leash and run out into the street and die and it will all be my fault, or I'll do something that'll remind the dog of something traumatic in their past and they'll rip my head off and I'll die and it'll all be my fault. But the other thing is, dog walking looks really fun. And most of the dogwalkers come back from their walks and most of them still have their limbs attached. It's a puzzler.

So yesterday I walked a little four year old miniature pinscher/pug mix (imagine *those* parents, if you will) that looks like she'd given birth to half the puppies in Northwest Indiana. I liked her: She didn't bark, got along with other dogs well enough, and tolerated stupid humans. When she'd pull on the leash I'd stop walking. Eventually, after enough times, we went as many as twenty steps without her pulling on the leash. In short, my kind of dog.

And then I went home to snag Vali to take her out for ice cream. This place in particular. It was goooood ice cream. Now we have another place to take our pals when they come visit, and it's just right down the road, an amazing find. Buy it from the grumpy man, I dare ya!

Not much else apart from that. Work is frustrating as always, but at least I have an office with a window. After being in PetSmart for hours under dim lights, you realize how much you take natural lighting for granted.


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