Feb. 15th, 2008

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Sam (the stoned-looking toddler in the pic) just sent me this. I can't remember seeing this before and I love it so much. Here it is, photographic proof that my own personal style has changed not a jot since I was five.

PLEASE IGNORE THE SCRAWNY ONE IN BLACK COMING FOR THE LITTLE KIDS. Now I'm going to be bitter that I can't fit into those lilac corduroys anymore. By sheer coincidence, today I ended up buying a lot of work clothes at LLBean. Now my transformation into a Circuit City retail clerk is complete at last!
viedma: I will rule the world! Emperor Cupcake! (Darkplace Homos)
I have the sweetest, silliest wyfe in the world, exhibit Q--

With permission, here are scans of fannish drawerings Vali made me for Valentine's Day, in which Nicholas and Danny, Doctors Five and Ten and their Masters, Romana, Sam and Gene, Tim and Daisy, and Bernard and Manny confess their true feelinks for one another. Writing and art direction done by the cats.

Clickee for viewee )

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