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By freakish coincidence I had time and hemoglobin enough to donate a pint of red on Saturday after I picked up my voter materials. I was telling them about the long lines I saw at the courthouse waiting to vote early and how cool that was, yappity, and one of the staff members told me that her stepfather voted for the first time this year.

I told her, "That's great!" Only in hindsight did I notice she had paused on purpose to gauge my reaction.

She then said, "He's been dead for a year and a half," and gave me The Look. As if to shame me? It was so weird. She then went on about how much corruption there is in this county, voter fraud, stolen elections blah blah blah. I told her if it was all dead people voting then there were a lot of zombies in Crown Point waiting to cast their ballot. Her other coworkers looked like they've heard the dead stepdad anecdote A LOT and it wasn't especially interesting the first time around.

Okay. This whole dead stepdad bit would be a "Gotcha!" moment only if I knew the following:

1. That I knew her stepdad and knew that he'd fucking snuffed it. Um, sorry? Whatever.
2. What his name was and if it was a common one. Maybe there are two John Does in her precinct?
3. And how did she get a hold of the poll book to see if her stepdad voted in the first place? People can't just rifle through those things like romance novels on the paperback rack at Walgreen's.
4. Did the signatures in the poll book match? There's also a voter ID law in this state. If the signatures don't match in the poll book that's a red flag right there.
5. Zombie voter fraud conspiracy?

Or... maybe her stepdad is faking his death in order to stay the fuck away from her stepdaughter? This is the only explanation that seems to fit. (And it's making me think of an unrelated story on LJ where her family had their Christmas party w/o telling her. If you know who I'm talking about you'd know why.) Anyway, it was the stupidest GOTCHA in the whole wide world, therefore I had to share it with you.

Anyway, the point of this story is that I got to do a lot of canvassing in my hometown, yay, it saves on gas. And because I hate canvassing with other people as I usually get monster headaches an hour in and have to lay down afterwards, I got lots of long walks by myself and the weather was lovely. Tonight I came home to wonderful smells from the kitchen. Vali made Boston baked BEENS and homemade brown bread, and it was just as scrumptious as it sounds. Nom nom nom, I are spoiled rotten.
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I went to pollworker training yesterday. Talked to a woman who was shocked, Shocked, that voters can show us an expired driver's license for their voter ID. As long as it didn't expire before November 7, 2006, it's good for voting purposes, if not for tooling around on the roads.

Her: I run a business! It shouldn't be allowed, especially with all the problems this county has with voting!

Me: (not sure what running a business has to do w/ expired driver's licenses) Name one instance of intentional voter fraud in this county. It's not like they're driving on the license, it's just for voter ID. I mean, if it's an Indiana or federally issued photo ID, and it looks like them, and the signature's the same, then common sense says that's them, even if their license is expired.

Her: (looking at me like I just smeared poo on her lime green polyester pantsuit)... I see.

At least it got her to stop talking to me. And I feel sorry for any poor soul that happens to be in her precinct. There are a lot of people like her in the county, unfortunately-- they've been whipped into a frenzy by everyone from the Secretary of State on down to think that anyone who can vote in this county is guilty of voter fraud.

This afternoon I saw a German Shepherd walking stiffly across the street. He was thin and his muzzle was gray and he was sniffing the ground trying to find anything interesting. I flagged down a police car who happened to be driving by and the big guy wagged his tail and jumped right in the back. I feel awful. He was probably let go by someone who can't afford to feed him anymore and I don't want to bet on his chances in this town's animal control. In another world I would've asked the cop to hold onto him while I jumped into my car and brought him home, but maybe there's a one in a million chance that someone's looking for their dog. I really hope so.
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Hot comic book action from Greg Palast! Steal Back Your Vote.

Filed under "You Can't Keep a Good Voter Down" news, Early Voting Centers Open in Lake County. Huzzah! ^___^ Naturally the Republicans (and The Times message board, holy Mary mother of god what a freakshow) are furious, as the opportunity to vote is seen as a sure sign of voter fraud. I wish I was kidding about this.

And from [ profile] aukestrel, make sure you're registered to vote. One of the reasons being our secretary of state will purge your name in a hot second if you don't vote for everything from dogcatcher on up. (Or on down, depending on your POV.) He's upset about ACORN registering people to vote when he's the one breaking the law. (::do your obligatory Judas Priest air guitar here::)

If I were a betting woman? I'd put down a fiver that says at least some of those wonky ACORN voter registration forms were filled out by Republican party faithful. Anyone willing to take that bet? Anyone? The rest of the forms were no doubt filled out by people who can't write legibly to save their lives. I've seen that happen a lot, that's why I like to fill out people's voter registration forms for them and have verify the info and sign their name, and then refer them to the local penmanship school. >.>

Yaay, Boo

Oct. 8th, 2008 12:10 pm
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Yaay: One of my articles for our library newsletter ("Why Books are Best") was picked up and ran in the free city paper. ^__^

Boo: It ran with a typo that wasn't in the original article, which makes me look like an idiot. Is it that hard to copy and paste, Tim Messenger?

Yaay: Early voting is underway in my neck of the woods.

Boo: The Republicans filed a lawsuit to keep the early voting satellite locations in Gary, Hammond, and East Chicago (ie, where the brown people are) closed. A judge will rule on it later this week. Republicans can't win if everyone who wants to gets to vote, so they're trying to keep as many people away as possible. It still won't work, but you have to revile them for their efforts.

Yaay: Our library's new African American Fiction Author section went up yesterday, at long last.

Boo: Actually, there is no downside to this. I've wanted this for ages, we get asked for it all the time, and I'm thrilled we have something new to offer.
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My first time as an election inspector in Lake County, Indiana.

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I voted early yesterday and I have to say I like the newer machines. They are an improvement on the older ones because--

a. The smaller size doesn't make you feel like you're playing election pinball (or this may be a bad thing depending on your POV). A person in a wheelchair can put that sucker in her lap if she wants to.

b. They've eliminated the parallax problem. Every previous Indiana election I've wanted to bring a ruler into the voting booth so I can match up the candidates name with the little red dot an inch away. This time a black X appears on the screen right next to the person's name. Much better. (This is not the same as this Parallax, which is not a problem at all and is in fact rather hot.)

c. The final screen that says Your Vote Has Been Successfully Cast, Thank you! when you press the red "cast your vote" button. You realize how much of your monkey brain depended on having that last little confirmation, especially when compared to the previous machines where you pressed the button and you felt like you dropped your vote into a well. When I went to poll worker training last weekend, they showed you how to do a Z report before the polls open and close, so you have your paper trail. As Vali says, we're the smaller, less crazy Ohio.

Re the Supreme Court upholding Indiana's Voter suppression ID law? Disappointed, not surprised. I was especially sad to hear Stevens' reasoninG: an Indiana state ID is free, so that makes it okay. Yes, the ID is free, but in order to get the free ID you have to show a variety of documents, some of them difficult or impossible to attain depending on your life situation. Not everyone has their birth certificate on hand and why are we making it harder to vote in the first place? Well, because our Secretary of State is a faithful Republican tool.

However, I am going to be optimistic for the long term because lots of other states are going to try this and they will screw it up royally (*waves to Ohio and Florida*), thus inviting another court challenge. Because for all our faults, we do have one of the best voter information sites in the country and we have multiple early voting locations, most of them being in the poorer parts of the county. Also, if your side depends on suppressing the vote, then you've already lost. Maybe not in this election cycle, but someday.

Did I mention I'm going to be an election inspector next week? My first one and right now more excited than nervous at the moment. That ratio could change.

Thus ends your voting geekfest until November.


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