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I had the day off on Friday, so I pulled up the last of the tomatoes and mulched. (Did I say I was finished mulching last week? I lied. I do that.) Then I planted eighty trillion garlic bulbs while listening to radio dramas and the Hot Fuzz soundtrack. (The Hot Fuzz soundtrack is great to listen to when you've got things to do like gardening, biking, working, or breathing.) I transferred the plants from the sun room, where Casey layed about the place and got the last of the year's lovely rays. Bye-bye go the basil plants, in comes the hummingbird feeder, wind chimes, rubber and aloe plants.

Then I went into the kitchen and made pizza topped with roasted fennel, thinly sliced potatoes zapped in the microwave, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and tempeh crumbles. And homemade marinara and crust. Yes I'm bragging, but omg it was so good! Vali made a tasty green salad and brussels sprouts and afterwards we just lay about the house and hummed and patted our bellies. I am thoroughly sick of cheese at the moment-- I am still eating the last little bit of cheese from the union dinner-- so eating this cheeseless pizza was perfect. The veggies crisp up nicely and the crust doesn't get too soggy. Also it helps if you put the crust in the oven for about ten minutes to get it even crisper.

Then for some reason I sort of collapsed and got a sore throat and haven't been able to do fuck all for about two days. Well, except to go to work on Saturday and Sunday. Nnngggh. I am really out of it. The good thing is that I found my cell phone after 3 days of wondering why I hadn't received any text messages from [ profile] annlarimer. My car swallows stuff and regurgitates it weeks later, so it's a good thing I don't like to eat at White Castle or Hardees.

Love to all ya'll, take care of Vali and our cranky cat whilst I pass out.


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