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Or Happy Autumn to you nice Antipodeans or whatever the hell you call yourself down there.

I come bearing random bits and bobs.

Today I saw lots of little green points poking their way out of the soil, so it looks like a lot of the iris bulbs I got through Freecycle last fall are doing their job, hooray! I did a little tiny peanut dance in celebration, and a little tiny good luck peanut dance as we're supposed to get a billion feet of snow starting sometime tonight.

The megachurch held a pastor school or some such slop this week. )

Someone this week asked me what my Eat More Kale bumpersticker meant. (...) It's complicated.

Last night I put the finishing touches on my vegan banana nut muffins and chocolate chip cookies for the Humane Society bake sale, and I think they turned out really well this time. The recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance is a great starting point-- I especially like the tablespoon of molasses, it's a nice kick-- but it really needs some whizzed silken tofu to bind everything together better. Vali thinks I'm mental, that god made milk, eggs, and cream specifically for dessert. And I really can't argue, but I like the novelty of it. I've become much like my dad, except I tinker in the kitchen and he tinkers in the garage. I also did a very 'Dad' thing when I saw an empty tupperware container blow by me in the parking lot-- namely, run after it, stick it in the car, and take it home to be washed. Economy! (eyeroll)

I have fallen in love with this cat. He is a ginormously shy fraidy cat that will curl up and purr and make little paws on you in less than ten minutes of cooing and brushing. I think I'm gonna stick him in my bag next time I go over to the shelter.

I've finished course 2 in my Spanish audio lessons. Only one more to go! *collapses* I can't believe I started this like three years ago.

So I've decided I want to watch last night's Torchwood ep, but only for the good Jack/Ianto articles. Someone help a poor fangirl out with Youtube links please?


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