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On my way back from Nebraska I tried a lot of different library CDs, and I have to say that Back to Black was the runaway favorite. All this time I'd only ever heard of Amy Winehouse through the tabloids, therefore I always associated her with Britney Spears in my mind. Turns out she's more like Janis Joplin with a better voice. Man, can she sing. I mean, really sing. And then I got sad knowing she's going to die some stupid cliched rock star death or be encased in an iron lung somewhere because she can't stop smoking crack and she won't make any more incredible music and yes, I did just turn that back around to me.

And a co-worker and I are going to see the Twilight movie when it comes out. As a person who has no interest in the books, I'm stupidly happy to be going to see this. I am hoping for whacked-out nuttiness but that's just my perpetual optimism talking.
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STFU UNCOOL BAKER! Also, Tennant-as-clown warning. o.O

Vali and I finished watching the last ep of Sapphire and Steel. Now THAT was a behind the sofa moment. L'eep. O_O Now I have to listen to the Big Finish Audios.

Now we're watching songvids to bring us back into the realm of light and love.

Speaking of songvids, why hasn't anyone done a Who vid to No Pussy Blues? Vali and I go about the house going Whoo! Damn! at odd moments. What are you looking at me for, saying I should do it myself? I have all the technical know-how to knit socks and that's about it.

If I knew how to vid I'd do a Doctor Who one to Ferraby Lionheart's Small Planet. Not simply 'he loves them all' but 'he's in love with everything Earth' vibe. Seriously, with a name like Ferraby Lionheart you have no choice but to steal the mellow folk sensation mantle away from Roger Whittaker. Vali bought me the album for Christmas and it is the perfect thing to listen to after a long day at the reference desk. Sweet, gentle, but not so syrupy as to put you into a diabetic coma.

And now Vali and [ profile] jonquil are working on the FAQ for their latest project. When they're both in busy workerbee mode I can't help but imagine them both as chibis, tips of their tongues poking out of their mouths. Occasionally it ends with one of them tipping over the others crayon cup, then pushing, shoving, and little cartoon fight clouds before they collapse into a sweet little puppy-pile heap. <3


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