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I volunteered at a high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter cat clinic this week. It was incredibly fast, I couldn't believe it. Everyone knew their place, therefore I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible. I loosened the straps that kept the cats in place on the kitty boards, put drops in their eyes and wrapped them in towels before putting them in the recovery position back into their cat carrier. Except for one sweet black cat in a pillowcase, who I let out because I felt sorry for her. I know it's the last resort when you don't have the money for a cat carrier, but I hate it. (I did it once when I was in high school when I took my Mom's cat to the vet and it traumatized us both for ages.) We then put them in rows for (sorta) handy retrieval later. All my life I've told myself that I'm not a squeamish person, but-- yes. I am a squeamish person. It's high time I admitted it. The room smelled like a butcher's and the ventilation in there wasn't all that wonderful. Ick. But I did manage to save a couple of uteruses for Anthony Bourdain to nosh on later.

I did notice a couple of things, namely the size of your cat is inversely proportional to the cat carrier you've brought it in. I swear to god people were shoving mountain lions into shoeboxes. One cat wouldn't fit in properly for safe recovery from anasthesia and had to lay out onto the table until she was a little more awake. About thirty minutes later, one of the vet's kids walked by and said, "hey, that one is waking up." I turned around just in time to catch a very large, very groggy and very pissed cat as she prepared to launch herself off the table to kill us all. That means she'll be fine, I guess. And then there was the tom who needed at least three shots to knock him out, and even then he wasn't letting go of his balls without a fight. Now he thinks about getting out of the rat race, nesting. Having an evening in with mom and dad, baking cookies and watching Steel Magnolias. "I don't know why, but I do."

Yesterday we had The Mater over for dinner, and I have to say I made a pretty decent pizza this time. The secret is roasting the tomatoes, then blending them with a few cloves of roasted garlic and at least a teaspoon of dried oregano, all from the garden. Yes, I'm bragging, what's it to you? I even came in second place in Scrabble twice in a row, which to my mind is really like coming in first, as The Mater is a Scrabblemonster.
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Okay, I might've eaten a sack of White Castles and hallucinated this, but wasn't it just a week ago that Obama was a radical Muslim? And now, without missing a beat, we're shocked, shocked, that Obama's (Christian) preacher said something that 300 million Americans don't entirely agree with? He's gone from being a radical Muslim to a radical African to a radical Muslim to a radical Christian at a breakneck pace. I know it's Karl Rove's and Sean Hannity's job to generate false outrage over Obama, what I really don't understand is why anyone choses to listen to them. I mean, I expect the Pepsi spokesman to tell me that Coca-Cola is an inferior product, that's what they're paid to do. Read between the lines, people.



Anyway, nuff of that. Did you see this story about Torchwood and LOLcats? Of course you did, it's got 17 pages of comments. Still, read it again anyway.


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