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On Sunday I posted an ad on Craigslist for a friend of mine who has a 10 month old tabby she'd like to re-home. I've never used Craigslist for that and was surprised by the number of responses the ad got. It's all down to the power of the picture, I'm convinced. It's a great one.

One of the repliers wanted to know if she still had her claws.

What I wanted to say )

What I actually said. )

Last night, Casey sat on her chair in the basement and watched me make the exercises on my stepper. She was suspicious enough of the whole over the top, corner-to-corner, hip hop straddle and U- and Z-step nonsense, but she curled into a tight little ball right up against the seat and refused to be intimidated. Good on her.
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Anti-environmentalists who snark about my Green Living book display think they're so clever. I guess they think all those windmills and solar panels and biofuel plants creating USA energy don't require any people to help make, install and operate them.

>.< to infinity, and beyond!
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I just want to say how much I loved all the well-written, sometimes witty objections to the open source boob project, thanks internets. What I want to know and haven't seen yet, is where the con com was/is during this kerfuckle. Are they planning on letting this guy back to another of their cons? They're fools if they are.

I was going to post my own thoughts about all this, about how for most of my life I thought the best way to defeat sexism was to pretend that it didn't bother me, or to come up with my own clever ways of making myself feel like garbage. The good news is that I don't do that anymore. I have a great life with a terrific gal who loves me and am in a profession that is mostly female, which does a lot for my well-being.

So who wants to see pictures of shelter cats? You do, you do! )

If you know someone who's looking to adopt a doofus and they live in Northwest Indiana, point them in this direction. /PSA
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Oy vez. Time flies when you feel like your back is constantly against the wall. I've been having a lot of trouble getting a breath lately, like my chest is all tight and I suck in big lungfuls of air that don't mean anything. And everything's going fine, I don't know why I can't relax. Vacation time coming in a week, but that freaks me out too. Only five precious days-- what if I waste them all getting nothing done? If there was a magic wand I could wave that would stop me from acting like a nincompoop, believe me it would've happened by now.

In this fandom that I enjoy quite a lot, thanks for asking, there's this guy who thinks it's really funny to post a "Thursday rape fic." (Click for rape!) And it's the worst kind of tentacle-porn, interspecies rape stuff you could imagine. Mind you, this is not Cthulu fandom we're talking about. I became obsessed with this. Why rape? Why Thursday? WTF?? So (naturally) I thought this was a troll and asked the moderator privately to let me be the heavy and to take care of idiots if she was uncomfortable doing so. Nothing happened, so I figured fuck it and made a macro in another community where I called him an asshat. Then I find out he's married to one of the listmembers. (!!!)

And my troll radar used to be so good! I am clearly made of fail. So yesterday being *coughmagical* Thursday, he modified it to say "FICTITIOUS non-consensual sex act day." Yes! Because I thought these characters from a movie where REAL because I'm too stupid to know fantasy from reality and that's why I was peeved. Mary goes to the Internet, finds less than stellar company, yes I know you're shocked. But I'm good now. There are lots of lots of us, and only one of him (thank god). The non-tentacle-hentai-interspecies-rape fen, we will prevail. Embroider that onto a pillow and stick it in your kitchen.

Vali's Mom's cat is sick. We think pancreatitis, but we're not sure. We hope she gets well very soon.
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"Innovative ways of inexpensively serving areas where library branches might have to be closed would be necessary. Bottom line, reducing spending on support staff, which would result from consolidation, could lessen the impact on service to the customer."

1. I'd suggest brownies, wood sprites, or little fluffs of magical thinking, but I've given up on writing to the local paper to tell them that getting rid of libraries will save them any money. They don't print those letters. Oh well, better laugh instead of doing that other thing.

2. Momma, please don't let your babies grow up to be business majors if this is how they see the world.

3. When they in Barnes and Noble, they're customers. When they're in a library, they're patrons. I know there are plenty of librarians who call patrons "customers." Those librarians are what I call "wrong." You're not buying, and I'm not selling.

There's been more happening lately, but it's safe to assume that you'll survive without it just fine for a few more days. Except this: Tipping the Velvet was an amazing, exceptional, wonderful book. It helped me keep what's left of my sanity. Now I need to read her others.
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Okay, I might've eaten a sack of White Castles and hallucinated this, but wasn't it just a week ago that Obama was a radical Muslim? And now, without missing a beat, we're shocked, shocked, that Obama's (Christian) preacher said something that 300 million Americans don't entirely agree with? He's gone from being a radical Muslim to a radical African to a radical Muslim to a radical Christian at a breakneck pace. I know it's Karl Rove's and Sean Hannity's job to generate false outrage over Obama, what I really don't understand is why anyone choses to listen to them. I mean, I expect the Pepsi spokesman to tell me that Coca-Cola is an inferior product, that's what they're paid to do. Read between the lines, people.



Anyway, nuff of that. Did you see this story about Torchwood and LOLcats? Of course you did, it's got 17 pages of comments. Still, read it again anyway.


Dec. 19th, 2007 01:38 pm
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A lot of you might know this already, but it was news to me and so I'm passing it on to you...

When you're sending something media mail and the post office worker tells you the gov't might open your mail because yay freedom marches on, and then asks, "Is there any sort of personal note in the package?" say no. Because if you say yes, they go "AHA! Then it's not a media package, it's a first class mail package" and they charge you more.

Or you could do what I did after I waited in line for 20 minutes for one lady to buy 2 books of stamps: Then it's not a personal message.

And give them the unblinking Stare of Doom like in my icon.

It works!


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