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My thoughts exactly. We did it omg omg omg! Read the rest of the post here.

...aaand we re-elected Mitch "Thank God for Term Limits" Daniels and the state house went back to the Republicans, who will no doubt be busy with double quintuple googleduple banning gay marriage and abortion. >.< *sigh* You can't have everything in this life, but for today I'll take the victories where I can get them.
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What an amazingly long and wonderful day. To those of you who are not as mushy as I am tonight, I offer you the balm that is this Onion storyline: Nation Finally Shitty Enough To Make Social Progress.

Also, I really love being an election inspector, I hope they let me do it forever. Just, you know, let me sleep a little bit first. More about that experience later, just for now a ginormous squeeze to [ profile] violetisblue and [ profile] annlarimer for looking up voter registrations on so I could see if they were registered and what precinct they needed to be in. Ya'll were my network today, thank you so much.


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