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--Buffy comic, virtual season eight, number eight. I was reading it and wondering why it seemed so familiar, and wouldn't you know it? The downside to this largesse is that you get the really upsetting cover that has Faith drowing Buffy. o.O

--Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World of Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950-1955. [ profile] violetisblue and I are the worst lesbians in the world. I mean, we totally flunk. When I'm not spending a good portion of my waking hours figuring out how to get two policemanofficers from the West Country to fall in love, Vali is singeing my eyebrows off with Doctor/Master slash.

Speaking of, you really should read Vali's and [ profile] jonquil's latest story, Velleity. And then join [ profile] bestenemies. And then give them all your money and toys. ::slobber::

And then when you've picked yourself off the floor read [ profile] annlarimer's Curse of the Cuddly Monkey and fall right back down again with lols. This story has completely ended me.

Ahh, good times. I had a nice three days off. I even got stuff done that I wanted to do, for a change. I've been exercising a bit more and that's making me feel a little bit better. This is my favorite exercise tape. It's the perfect combination of catchy rhythms and lots of different kinds of jiggly eyecandy being put through their paces by a friendly gay man. With the whole yoga and pilates craze I sometimes feel as if I'm the only one in the world who still likes step aerobics. It's even harder to find step aerobics routines that don't sound like they're set to your little brother's Casio, but I'll manage. It'll be biking season in a couple of months anyway.

Last night we watched the latest remake of Persuasion on PBS. It was lovely, yet there was something missing, namely why on Earth would anyone want to be with Anne Elliot. Sally Hawkins seems like a wonderful actress, but it looked like a pretty thankless job to act stunned at things for 90 solid minutes. Giles, OTOH, looked hot as a 19th century Krillitane. It suits him. Here's hoping Northanger Abbey will be a little bit better. The book was a hoot.

And I'm learning to cook without consulting recipes. It's weird.

I did other stuff too, but now I can't remember what it was. Watching The Five Doctors (my choice) has put me into a pleasant little coma.
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Finished mailing out all holiday thingamabobs today. I've had a relatively painless experience at the post office this season, but that's because it was waiting to do all its mentalness today. 20 minutes for a lady to get two books of stamps, whoowee! People were literally spinning in circles with frustration, the type of people you know have a fairly inactive social calendar. Oh well. But I'm done!

This weekend I called my dad and we thanked each other for our respective food gift baskets. I got his because it had pears in it, hoping that he'd eat them after a meal of summer sausage and caramel popcorn. And he did, bless him.

He has a stepson who goes to those auctions for people who don't pay the rent on their U-Store-It squares. (I think the technical term for that is "vultures".) Anyway, dad was telling me about this painting the stepson gave him.

"It's of a clown, and it looks kind of sad," Dad says. "The guy who painted it signed his name. Wayne, and it looks like G-A-C, or is that an S? -Y..., 1993."

"Like maybe John Wayne Gacy?"

"Yeah, that could be it."

"Dad, do you know who John Wayne Gacy is?"

"No, what's he done?"

I tell him.


I still wonder if my Dad is pulling my leg. He has done in the past, but something tells me no this time. It's more likely someone was goofing around with a painting picked up at a living room warehouse outlet. At any rate, his clown is way scarier than our clown tile in the basement. That clown was almost a deal-breaker when Vali first saw it, until cooler heads prevailed and we remembered that it's ventriloquist dummies and furries that we rightly fear and despise. Even Casey likes him. She lays down next to him in the basement and they tell secrets.

Oh, and Vali found a rly funnie link: [ profile] dietennant. Go to the beginning and work your way back. :DDD


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