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On Sunday I posted an ad on Craigslist for a friend of mine who has a 10 month old tabby she'd like to re-home. I've never used Craigslist for that and was surprised by the number of responses the ad got. It's all down to the power of the picture, I'm convinced. It's a great one.

One of the repliers wanted to know if she still had her claws.

What I wanted to say )

What I actually said. )

Last night, Casey sat on her chair in the basement and watched me make the exercises on my stepper. She was suspicious enough of the whole over the top, corner-to-corner, hip hop straddle and U- and Z-step nonsense, but she curled into a tight little ball right up against the seat and refused to be intimidated. Good on her.

Cat meme

Oct. 29th, 2008 11:35 pm
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If you are reading this, post a picture of a cat in your journal. (Your cat, a lolcat, or someone else's cat. But preferably yours, if possible.)

Taken this evening, a picture of bad baby bastard lounging in the lap o' luxury.

I wish I could snap a photo of her now, she's doing the adorable sleeping wif crossed paws thing. She sleeps 37 hours a day you'd think I'd be able to catch her on film doing it once in a while.
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I've been wanting to write something, anything, but work has been really busy lately to the point where when I come home I just stare at stuff until it's time to go back to work again.

Vali and I watched Kiss Me Deadly on Saturday. Not a likeable character in the whole thing, but nonetheless completely great. And I guessed the twist about 2 seconds before it happened, which impressed Vali mightily.

The point is, after you see Cloris Leachman being tortured (mostly with the camera facing away, Reservoir Dogs-style...or maybe that should be the other way around), you need to see her in the Mary Tyler Moore show slapping around Sue Ann Nevins in her celebrity test kitchen.

Have I mentioned that I completely adore Sue Ann Nivens? Because I do.

Anyway, the point for real this time. While I was watching Mary Tyler Moore so totally and obviously have IT and I had a thought: what if Sam Tyler didn't go back to Manchester 1973, but Minneapolis 1973? Sam Tyler Moore goes to one of Mary Richards' bad dinner parties and spends the entire time locked in her bathroom crying his eyes out. Bess Lindstrom could be the test card girl, and when Sam gets a load of Lou Grant it's all Gene Hunt who?

Sam Tyler/Lou Grant slash. It could happen! Sam tosses his leather jacket in the air and Lou douses it with scotch and sets it on fire, because Sam's got spunk and he hates spunk dontcha know. I think it's no coincidence that WJM's office and the Manchester police station look so similar.

Casey just chased a bug and ate it. She is ridiculously smug, all the more so because of all of the fawning praise we've given her.
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Casey says go away.

Did my book group tonight. Frothy froth froth, nice & easy. Is sleepy nao.
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OMGYAY real honest-to-goodness Castleton t-shirts for sale! ::backflip:: We've been on a Time Chasers kick lately, sort of like auxiliary Doctor Who with acid-washed action. Your butt looks good in the future!

It has come to my attention (looks over at her loving wyfe) that I've been a titch prickly in my LJ entries over the past few days. After a lot of huffy what-EVERs, I grudgingly accepted that she was right. *shakes fist at heavens* I've just not been in a mood to suffer people gladly. Usually when I feel this way I sit on that feeling till it passes, but didn't feel like doing so this time.

I regret nothing, only that it makes me sound angrier than I actually am. I'm feeling pretty good, really, just a little sleepy. Still, I want to do something a little bit sweeter today. Why not have a delicious grilled cheese and hot cocoa with the cutest cuddly monkey in the whole wide world? (Note to [ profile] annlarimer: not THAT cuddly monkey. o.O)

While you enjoy your snack you can enjoy pictures like this...

We got cardboard in the mail (yay, just what i always wanted) and Casey's been having a blast with it-- she'll lay down longways against it, or sit like she is in the picture, like she's manager of the General Store. It's like there's a barrier; she never steps over it, choosing instead to walk out the opening. She's too nutty.
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Casey likes to sit in the sunroom even when it's blistering cold outside because, you know-- SUN! The only time you can see a cat bake and shiver at the same time.
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After watching The Five Doctors and squeeing about it on [ profile] greenbubblewrap I realized I had no Five icon, so [ profile] neadods helped me out. Whine and I shall receive. Personally I think it's very mean of Five to faint and have to be carried about by Tegan and Turlough and then have the Master mo on him when he knows damn well I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. Like I don't have enough to do around here. Vali giggled at me when the fainting happened because I get to giggle at her whenever Bernard from Black Books comes on the screen.

Oh! Oh oh! It turns out our cat loves piano music. Srsly! The other night we watched the episode where Manny plays piano, and a minute or so went by before I noticed Casey staring at the screen, ears straight up and purring like mad. It was so cute! Fourteen years and your cat can still surprise you, so yesterday I went to the library and checked out piano concertos. She didn't seem to like them as much, though. Maybe it's Manny she has a yen for? I don't blame her-- he's very squeezeable.

And as much as I love the Doctor Who Love Meme, and I honestly do (my squee is on page 14 or something), I would like to add this little coda: if I didn't care about it at all I wouldn't grouse about it when it sucks. Like, say, right now. But I don't care about that as much as I used to now that I'm more into the old show than the new one.
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Finished mailing out all holiday thingamabobs today. I've had a relatively painless experience at the post office this season, but that's because it was waiting to do all its mentalness today. 20 minutes for a lady to get two books of stamps, whoowee! People were literally spinning in circles with frustration, the type of people you know have a fairly inactive social calendar. Oh well. But I'm done!

This weekend I called my dad and we thanked each other for our respective food gift baskets. I got his because it had pears in it, hoping that he'd eat them after a meal of summer sausage and caramel popcorn. And he did, bless him.

He has a stepson who goes to those auctions for people who don't pay the rent on their U-Store-It squares. (I think the technical term for that is "vultures".) Anyway, dad was telling me about this painting the stepson gave him.

"It's of a clown, and it looks kind of sad," Dad says. "The guy who painted it signed his name. Wayne, and it looks like G-A-C, or is that an S? -Y..., 1993."

"Like maybe John Wayne Gacy?"

"Yeah, that could be it."

"Dad, do you know who John Wayne Gacy is?"

"No, what's he done?"

I tell him.


I still wonder if my Dad is pulling my leg. He has done in the past, but something tells me no this time. It's more likely someone was goofing around with a painting picked up at a living room warehouse outlet. At any rate, his clown is way scarier than our clown tile in the basement. That clown was almost a deal-breaker when Vali first saw it, until cooler heads prevailed and we remembered that it's ventriloquist dummies and furries that we rightly fear and despise. Even Casey likes him. She lays down next to him in the basement and they tell secrets.

Oh, and Vali found a rly funnie link: [ profile] dietennant. Go to the beginning and work your way back. :DDD


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