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Yesterday I visited our local Meals on Wheels program in my capacity as a United Way Allocations Volunteer. Ooo, don't I talk posh! In other words, I visit organizations that receive United Way funds, learn about their services, and recommend that UW give thems lottss and lottz of monies. And it's win-win because I get to visit places I wouldn't normally get to see and recommend their services to patrons.

And they fed us, too-- I'm vegan, but I was able to partake in a surprisingly healthy amount. I had pasta with liberal amounts of peas and pearl onions, a green salad with cherry tomatoes, and grapes. In other words, better fare than I've had from the restaurant literally next door to the joint. And while I'm not so naive as to think they'd serve the people who'd recommend their funding a load of slop, I thought it was nice that it wasn't cooked in a load of butter and salt. Moral of the story: restaurant food is gross, don't eat it if you value your life.

I'm reading Laika, but may have to stop before I'm due to give it back to its owner on Sunday as I'm having a really hard time with it. I mean, I knew I would, but sometimes I want nothing more on this Earth than a sweet doggie to take care of and to dig up all my plants. Gentle animals don't do well with humans as a rule. Wah.

I'm trying to read The Maltese Falcon for mystery book group w/o much success, partly because I've seen the movie remake of this and it was called Lethal Weapon and ol' Mel dialed back some of the homophobia for the 80s. Yeah yeah I know, different time, blah blah, I still don't like it. Why is Dashiell Hammett literature but Agatha Christie is just a crackin' good read? Yeah, I know why, too.
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It turns out that no, you can't substitute vegan soy creamer for soymilk and not have a cupcake that flies apart when you touch it.


Still, even a hot mess of a cupcake still tastes pretty good.

Read The Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters for mystery book discussion. I really didn't like it until I imagined Amelia and Emerson as "Bella and Edward Travel To Teh Pyramids & Wrote Doawn Wat They Did Thar," and after that it was a pretty fun ride. You know, with how Emerson must not like her because he's so OMG MEEN to her and all that. Except I don't think Bella would be allowed anywhere near the Pyramids because she'd probably trip over a ledge and break Egypt or something.

Written in 1975, and the world didn't end then, either.
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Was on vacation last week. Didn't go anywhere, was very busy with random busy stuff, and yet I am mellow and relaxed and am clearly unfit to go back to work. Which is good because tomorrow I'm going down to Indianapolis for ILF's Legislative Day.

Went to comic book discussion group tonight and had a great time as I do. Read Watchmen, which I haven't read since I was a whippersnapper and am very wired from the endless cups of coffee I couldn't help drinking. I feel vaguely like an alcoholic waking up from a bender and wondering whether or not I have to call everyone up to apologize.

Turns out that everyone in the book group gets "their month" to pick something. I'm frankly intrigued. I'm not sure if I want to listen to people give me their opinions about Fun Home or Birth of a Nation, but am unsure what would be good to pick. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Anything out of the ordinary is good.
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This book I'm listening to for book group (I started reading it but gave up on page 20), it's like someone stuck parts of 10 different serial killers in one. He's a lawyer! A photographer! A child-molester! A cop killer! An English major! A cop raper! He is master of teh Interwebs! NOW HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY.

This villain is so ridiculous I'm having trouble remembering This Rr Srs Biznuss.

Anyway, if someone wants to recommend Michael Connelly's "The Poet" to you, just smile and tell them you have to wash your hair that evening.

Sometimes it's a real pain in the neck being limited in your mystery book club selection to books you can get through the Indiana Humanities Council or Kokomo Howard. They've always been very generous, but they only have so many mysteries to choose from and I'm starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel here.


Sep. 8th, 2008 09:54 am
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Last night I went all urpy when I fell asleep and dreamed that I'd invented a cross between the grape tomato and an eggplant. It was called The Graymato. It wasn't a good name, but the finished product was really pretty. I think I have to go a little easier on the tomatoes. All that acid.

Well, tonight I have a book discussion for a book I couldn't finish reading. Because the combination of Golden Age mystery in a real-world, "gritty" setting makes everyone act like a sociopath, that's why. Although you could probably argue that most Golden Age mysteries are like that: "I say, they raped Nigel, stuffed him in the wood chipper and served his shredded remains to us for pudding." "Oh dear! That will put me right off my tea. Has the post come?" I'm serving watermelon. Wish me luck.
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Casey says go away.

Did my book group tonight. Frothy froth froth, nice & easy. Is sleepy nao.
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[Poll #1133227]

You know what? Tonight's book club went so well that nearly all the Laurie King- Mary Russell hate has left my system, replaced with a profound sense of relief. I haven't had such a lively chat since our Bellefleur sucked! Did Not! Did Too! American Gothic book discussion series from a couple years ago. Someone even brough lemon bars, bless 'em.

The fog was so thick it was like driving into a blank. It was pretty neat.

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...a ginormous brunch sometime around 2PM, followed by a solid afternoon of Do Whatever The Hell You Want. Ahhhh.

Yesterday Vali made chili sin carne al mole from Vegan with a Vengeance. She let the sofrito simmer longer than when she made this last time, and it produced the loveliest slow burn sensation in the mouth, yum. That and some garlicky kale with tahini dressing and brussels sprouts, and the memory of tinned dog food haggis is far, far away.

Vali's reading experiences have been more satisfying to her than mine have been of late. I'm reading The Game by Laurie King. It's not awful, it's just that I don't buy the central premise of the tale: that Sherlock Holmes would not just marry a woman, but marry a woman several million years younger than himself. But have no fear! She's tough! Smart! Beautiful but not too Beautiful! Resourceful! She's Mary Russell!: the wonder somethin'-or-other. (eyeroll)

I'd've ditched it ages ago, but I have to read it because it's for the book group I run and I don't remember things quite as well if I listen to them on tape. So mentally I've been searching and replacing Mary Russell with Watson. So far it's working, even when Watson has to wear a sari to the fancy dress ball on the slow boat to India.

There is one May-December couple that I totally buy, and that's Eight/Lucie Miller. Am listening to Blood of the Daleks and they are just yowsa, and it's made all the better by the fact that Lucie really doesn't care for Eight all that much. HOWEVER, i will be extremely grateful when we can get past this cultural moment of The Big All-Encompassing War That Will Change Everything garbage. It's not like I can blame Americans for this one either, as it's an English production. Here it's more of a case of "Lord of the Ring/later book Harry Potter"itis. Also, Daleks are lame and they suck and they will never be interesting no matter how much stirring music you put behind their screaming. I like the little moments better, of which there are many.

Am keeping happy by reading Vali's Life on Mars fanfic recs. I love how Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt bring out every retro impulse and every slash cliche ever, and do it in such a completely hot way. Moar, said the fangirl!


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