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I bought this folding bike last year when it looked like I wouldn't be able to ride my other one to work, on account there was no space for me to park it. I bought it, and then the space issue resolved itself, and then I had an extra bike. Recently I've been using the bike to buy a lot of groceries, and the front basket wasn't holding it all. I was bringing along a backpack to hold the overflow, looking at bike extensions, etc.

Then last week I thought-- why not strap a milk carton to the back of the folding bike with the bungee cords Dad gave me?

All I need is a seat for an American-sized rear end, and it's perfect! And then add saddlebags, and those things that little kids ride along in behind their 'rents so's I can pull [ profile] violetisblue around town, and and and--

Oh yeah, I heard an owl hoot today. Like, in the middle of the afternoon, big as life. Fantastic.
viedma: I will rule the world! Emperor Cupcake! (biking)
Yesterday after work I went on a longer than normal bike ride in search of a bike trail I hadn't used before. It was glorious-- I spied lots of brightly colored critters, a black tomcat who looked like he could mess me up, and a pizza joint. I could be like Bill Clinton, biking to restaurants! (Vali frowns on this scheme.) Then I stopped off at the health food store and tried a carrot, apple, beet and ginger juice drink. Which is a lot tastier than it sounds. It restored my spirits quite a lot. And I finally finished the Hot Fuzz moodtheme I've been tinkering on, hopefully that all works.


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