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At 8 o'clock I left to pick up Khrissi the Cat from her Big Girl surgery to drive her back to her dad. I've never met a cat who made *no sound at all ever* going to and from the clinic. Maybe she's deaf?

Then I was dropping off spay/neuter transport fliers at my old job, hoping to spread the word. I chatted a bit with everyone and was made very aware of the dangers of false nostalgia as I really really missed the place and everyone who worked there. I still miss them.

Next I go to other town over to get trained on a Meals on Wheels route. My trainer is a great lady. She was kind, and funny, and likes to listen to Christian talk radio at sounds of 11, and asked if my husband and I had any children. Did I mention she was funny?

Then I go to work and magically find almost every book I was asked to look for. Ever had that feeling you've seen a book on the shelf with your mind's eye even when the rest of you hasn't been able to locate it, so you keep checking the shelf, and around it, and viola! I even found a missing Spanish video for kids that was put in the wrong VHS box. I should play the lottery.

But the coolest, the bestest thing ever, was a 15-minute phone interview with Lois Gibbs for an article I'm writing. For me it was like being able to talk to Lincoln, or God, or Sarah Waters, or Joyce Carol Oates, or maybe all 4 in a hastily-conceived genetic experiment in Roger Corman's lab. I did my best to keep it together and to do all the fangirl squeeing on the phone to Vali. *pant pant*

It was like, for 13 hours, I got to live the life of a politician or something. I even got to provide aid and comfort (in the form of tissues to mop up copious tears and snot) to a toddler who decided to take a flying leap out of his chair and land on his head. Poor kid, his head was already ginormous and this won't help.

I think it's as good a time as any to say I'm going to take a wee break from the online journaling for a while. I'm not sad, or disappearing --hardly, on Twitter you can't get me to shut up-- it's just that I've got a lot of stuff that I'm thinking about and doing, and right now because I'm busy I don't usually comment on people's entries and I'm not really involved in that way, so hen I do summon the courage write it sounds like I'm grandstanding. It embarrasses me, but this is really how I'm muddling along day to day.

So I'll be around in the comments, but I'm officially giving myself a vacation from something I feel I "should" do. That way I'll enjoy it more when or if I come back to it.
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I mailed out the last Christmas package today. That means I am done. I am mailed, wrapped, and ready for chaos.

No, you can't touch me, I'm in my own special glow.
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...went to the nurse practitioner about an infected cat bite. (After [ profile] violetisblue yelled at me to go to the damn doctor's already. Write to her and tell her how mean she is to me.) Not our cat, but an incredible simulation. I was trying to brush this ginorous bit of matted fur out of her back and for a while she gamely tolerated it, but after a few minutes it really started to hurt her and she started to bite and claw, then she chomped me good when I had to give up and put her back in her cage. Skip to the end, I'm on antibiotics, the shelter brought out their professional groomer volunteer to take a whack at her, and [ profile] violetisblue has instituted a 72-hour rule about cuts, bites, and scratches. Again, the horrible treatment, I protest. I think Harriet will be a wonderful pet once this mat is no longer giving her any grief. computer stopped working. We're not sure if it's the motherboard or a backlight or fairy dust, but you all missed a really immature hissy fit. Tech support gave me a couple of things to try tonight to see if I can awaken the sleeping giant. Until then? I'm not even distraught (most of my really important stuff is in journals, LJ scrapbook or Google docs), just miffed. My stuff!

...watched our newly acquired Little Mosque on the Prairie DVD. It's so gosh-darn earnest! Baber and Fatima rock our socks. What does it say about [ profile] violetisblue and me and our favorite characters are the hard-core Muslims? We're just squiffy about characters with the courage of their convictions. And I think it was good of the creators to take the bold step of not showing Amaar get rendered into oblivion when he makes the mistake of saying something dodgy-not-really at the airport. I think the emotion I'm trying to describe is "wistful false nostalgia."
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I bought this folding bike last year when it looked like I wouldn't be able to ride my other one to work, on account there was no space for me to park it. I bought it, and then the space issue resolved itself, and then I had an extra bike. Recently I've been using the bike to buy a lot of groceries, and the front basket wasn't holding it all. I was bringing along a backpack to hold the overflow, looking at bike extensions, etc.

Then last week I thought-- why not strap a milk carton to the back of the folding bike with the bungee cords Dad gave me?

All I need is a seat for an American-sized rear end, and it's perfect! And then add saddlebags, and those things that little kids ride along in behind their 'rents so's I can pull [ profile] violetisblue around town, and and and--

Oh yeah, I heard an owl hoot today. Like, in the middle of the afternoon, big as life. Fantastic.
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Last Friday I threw a dinner party at our house. I do this every solar eclipse or so, and each time I’m reminded of why I shouldn’t do it again. And then time passes and I forget and the whole vicious cycle repeats itself. Not to get into all the reasons why the evening was Fail (I’m a nervous and anxious person by nature and I worry so much that people aren’t having a good time that I torpedo the whole evening), but here goes: I don’t understand my heterosexual women friends on a fundamental level. Sure, write fanfic about them, pay them to cut your lawn, whatever, but men seem like a lot of work for not a lot of return. Or as the Hobgoblins MSTing line goes– “If you just let go they’ll fall over.”

And then to top it off I got some poison ivy on myself that night and rubbed it all over Vali, who always suffers more than I do with the urushiol than I do. In spite of all this she hasn’t asked for a divorce. Last night I made her favorite snack (spicy sweet potato and spinach knish) in an attempt at making amends.

A long while back [ profile] violetisblue asked me Five Questions.

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This is how I felt after I watched Obama's speech last night ...

(thanks to [ profile] skywardprodigal, I saw it in her LJ 1st)

Thinking about last night, I had one of those little epiphanies you get while you're doing errands that seem really profound until you start to write it down. I feel like the last and maybe the saddest victim of the last decade is hope. A lot of people on LJ are skeptical of Obama, and why shouldn't we be? We've spent not just the last 8 years, but really since Reagan we've been told that government is the enemy, it's crooked, it can't do anything right. And really, they've been doing their damnedest to prove their point. (I like Rachel Maddow's line: If you don't believe in government, stop running one.) It appeals to our (and by 'our' I mean 'my') cynical nature that nothing can ever get better. And when someone tells you that things could get better if we worked together and had hope in a brighter future, that's a pretty big target ripe for ridicule. I feel like people are afraid to try anything because it'll result in failure. Of course it's hard to imagine us failing moar harder than we already have. But if you start out a project with no faith in yourself that you will succeed because you are afraid of failure, you're not giving yourself much a chance. That's not politics, that's just life. I'm not hoping for miracles, I just want us to suck less because we can do better than this and I believe a lot of people feel the same way. Yep, definitely sounded better in my head.

Vali and I keep watching the episode of Spaced called 'Art': job interviews from hell, going to see your ex-boy/girlfriend's new bit of performance art, zombies, twiglets, violence, loads of cheap speed, what's not to like? It's scratching an itch we've got somewhere for this kind of thing. I love Vali's fanon that Vulva was verbally abusive to Brian only to shake him out of his state of complacency, is trufax. Now I'm showing Vali Batman: The Animated Series and so far she's likin' it. Keen.

A couple of days ago I was adding a couple of veg-friendly links when I found myself on a librarian's guide to vegan websites, which led me to I Can't Believe It's Vegan. It does my black heart glad to know that Froot Loops are vegan, as they were my favorite guilty pleasure cereal when I was in college. Anyway, I went to the main site to see what People for Euthanizing Tiny Animals was up to lately, when I see Alicia Silverstone's all-nude testimonial to vegetarianism. And yes, she is very pretty, but how much cooler would it be to see James Cromwell or Forrest Whitaker do the same ad, same way? Coming up out of the pool, all resplendent with their vegan naughty bits? Actually, ever since I thought that I can't unsee it, and it makes me smile every time.

The first time I tried diet pepsi with ginseng it was a miracle. I could focus, Vali said I looked cuter, etc. Then I started buying it by the 12 pack, and I find out very quickly that a little is good, a lot makes me completely fucking manic. I have no direction, no game plan, but at least I have LOTS AND LOTS OF ENERGY to do it in. Am freecyling [ profile] annlarimer the unused portion and hope that it doesn't make her head blow up.
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Yesterday after work I went on a longer than normal bike ride in search of a bike trail I hadn't used before. It was glorious-- I spied lots of brightly colored critters, a black tomcat who looked like he could mess me up, and a pizza joint. I could be like Bill Clinton, biking to restaurants! (Vali frowns on this scheme.) Then I stopped off at the health food store and tried a carrot, apple, beet and ginger juice drink. Which is a lot tastier than it sounds. It restored my spirits quite a lot. And I finally finished the Hot Fuzz moodtheme I've been tinkering on, hopefully that all works.
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Today I had a stressful afternoon on the reference desk, so I decided to go down to the breakroom and have a PB&J.

Then the power goes out.

The short of it? We got out early. Tonight was my evening. GLEE.

I celebrated by going to the comic shop, where they had my Buffy, Tiny Titans, Doctor Who comic and magazine waiting for me, then going a couple more blocks down to the chocolate shop to decide what chocolate cream tasted best. (It was raspberry.) I saw a lady with a pretty pink mohawk and I told her I liked it.

Then I came home and Casey Katt sat on my belly while I read until Vali got home.

Gods everywhere? Thank you for this day. It weren't wasted. [ profile] violetisblue says she hasn't seen me this happy in well, never.

Fun links I liked today--

Twilight sporking, THANK YOU. (Scroll down to the gif, it's loltastic.)

If you're going to Mediawest, the LJ icon pin lady is taking advance orders to pick up at the con.

A groovy Doctor-Donna banner! Back-handed compliment alert-- I keep [ profile] dwicons on my flist because when there's an icon that isn't Rose, it's usually pretty darn neat.
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[ profile] violetisblue had an early doctor's appointment, so I'm up. Lucky you!

Not too much as of late. I finished Fingersmith by Sarah Waters right before vacation a couple of weeks ago and it popped the top off my little peanut head quite nicely. Seriously, it's an amazing book, one of those where you think you're reading one thing, and it's nothing like that at all, and the reversals and deviousness keep piling up and piling up and oh man. I incoherently loved it.

Have been slogging through The Museum of Dr. Moses by Joyce Carol Oates and cannot get into these ten short stories. Saturday I started one called "Feral" and just lost it ala Tom Servo in the Gamera films: you take everything good and you rip my heart out! *glub glub* Will take it back unfinished.

And I picked up a copy of "Westcountry Mysteries" off Ebay last week. The first true thrilling tale is called "The Beast of Exmoor." It couldn't *possibly* be a wild cat who was killing sheep because the wildlife pickings were particularly thin one year, oh noes! It were a mysterious raging hellbeast! Good times.

The Sarah Jane Adventures. Couple of things: 1. I love it, 2. When did Sarah Jane get hot? I always thought she was pretty before but never rang any bells and now it's all NOM NOM NOM all the time, and 3. Crotchwoot wishes it had a tenth of the dignity these kids get to have. We watched Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane last night. [ profile] violetisblue thinks it's a good cross between It's a Wonderful Life and Hellraiser, which is just about perfect.

Last week's Doctor Who wasn't as bad as the trailer made it look, but that would've been pretty hard to do as it made me feel like an un-MSTed Hobgoblins episode. It ultimately get a thumbs-down from me because the civilization that has been screwing up for umpteen berdillion centuries before the Doctor and his gang come along and solve everything in 13 minutes? How many of these episodes does a gal need exactly? But has little bits in it that were fantastic, and most of them had to do with Doctor-Donna. Doctor-Donna makes me squee. It makes me want to put on the tinfoil hat and basically never take it off. It's not anything they did specifically in this ep that did it, it's more of an overall feeling of "See that Donna over thar? She are Teh Boss of Me." Oh merciful heavens yes. She tells him to jump and he says how high. NOM NOM NOM NNNOOMRRRRGHHHHHH.

Please let me change the subject before I lose the remaining shreds of my dignity.

I planted some asparagus crowns this weekend. The instructions said they don't like cold damp soils, so naturally the day after I planted them we had 30 mph winds and about an inch of rain. Still, here's hoping. The garden is amazing, actually-- mostly what I'm doing is weeding, composting, and trying to stay out of the way while it does its thing. Yesterday when I Freecycling one of my young maple trees my neighbor runs out and says, "I hope you don't mind, I have a lilac bush that's under a tree and it doesn't get enough shade. Would you mind taking it off my hands? And I was like, um, well, see the thing is OF COURSE I'LL TAKE IT OMG. She's such a nice lady. This weekend am going to stimulate the economy by getting a couple more bleeding heart plants for the front bed.

Fan Stuff
A lot of that lately. I finished all my crafty stuff for Mediawest: Flying Spaghetti Monsters and some Harry Potter themed knitted stuff. The latter I'm going to try and sell at the art auction. Considering no one has more than two nickels to rub together I *probably* could've picked a better year to start doing this, but fuck it.

Am finished choosing pictures for a Hot Fuzz moodtheme and am only waiting on someone who promised me a .gif of Nicholas Angel jumping over fences for "bouncy" and "hyper". Anyone else know how to make an animated .gif? *paces paces*

Am also almost but not quite finished as well with the first draft of a Hot Fuzz story written with [ profile] annlarimer. It's about swans. Last night I cracked the 7000 word mark, 'crack' being the action word in this sentence.

Pepsi Points
65, w00t! Am thinking either the 2GB thumb drive, but I think I should be good and get Mom a digital keychain for when I go visit.

Pepsi Loot so far
Meerkat Manor Vol. 2
The French Chef Box Set Vol. 1
Casino Royale
Noise Cancellation Headphones
Witch Hunter Robin anime box set

Yes, I am a pig.
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I haven't missed much since taking down the old website-- it was expensive and I never used it, and Vali was right when she said it was like moving from a house that was too big for you to a cozy lil apartment in walking distance of the busline-- but it did store all the icons for my MST3K moodtheme, so for the last couple of days I've been busy reuploading those pictures. And I snagged a Hot Fuzz moodtheme while I was at it.

As I'm uploading the pictures, I realize I don't have that many moods in my real life. Although I am often quixotic, I don't often describe myself as such, for example. Most of my moods seem to boil down to


as I'm an indolent little fucker who loves the creature comforts of life. I don't think I've ever been crushed, sympathetic, envious, or predatory, and it will be a cold day in hell before I describe myself as horny in a public journal.

Am I saying that now's the time to open up and use more words to describe myself? Is hungry even a mood? Only time will tell.

Last night I had another self-esteem nosedive, forcing Vali to say, why don't you tell your hateful inner voice what Bernard Black said to the skinheads? "Millwall, Millwall, Millwall, you're all really dreadful, and all your girlfriends are unfulfilled and alienated, tralalalalalala..." I swear it's working beyond my or her wildest dreams. I feel better than I have in ages because the hateful inner voice has no way of countering it, not yet anyway. It's the silly dance at the end that puts them off.

Anyway, off to a meeting. Save a leg for me!
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I just got this with my points.

Best. promotion. ever. I've resorted to asking caffeine-addicted co-workers for their caps because I'm not proud.

Sinuses are better today, thank you. I'm taking the nighttime stuff which makes me pleasantly dopey. I can hear the sinuses knocking but they can't come in, neener neener.
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I command you to fill these out and either post in the comments or in your journal etc etc you know the drill. )

My Answers under hyeah )

I assembled a couple of photo albums tonight, of pictures I've been meaning to print for ages. Lately I've been worrying that all my memories are just a hard drive crash away from disappearing forever. Besides, I've really missed having pictures I can hold in my hand; I can't imagine why I haven't done it before.
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I got my Hot Fuzz zine yesterday. I liked it! A swear box crossword, a Nicholas Angel paper doll, silly adverts appropriately misspelled, and people doing it with plants. Good stuff. I don't know why on Earth it cost $5 to ship; Cafepress must need a new pair of shoes.

Not much has happened, really. The usual job stress, I yelled at a co-worker yesterday and then spent the rest of the day beating myself up over it. I hate it when I lose my temper, it says to the world you're out of control and a big giant baby. Bleah. And yet I feel like I had a right to be legitimately angry. Hmm.

I paid off my car this week, got the title and everything. (knocks furiously on wood)

Been sort of feeling a little like I'm under the gun on time. So many things I want to do, all competing for attention, but nothing really grabbing me if i you know what I mean.
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After a big flurry of stupid, I think I am, mostly, maybe, kinda sorta caught up with most of my work today.




That means I'm in a chatty mood.

It's time for the Ask Me Anything! meme.

I don't think I've ever done one of these. (It has been seven years and counting on LJ though, so who knows.) Of course, just because you ask me something doesn't necessarily mean you'll get an answer to it, but I'll do my best unless I think it's mind-bogglingly personal or summat. Fannish opinions, library stuff, what's good to read, Packers? anything.


I'm not even sure anyone has any burning questions to ask me. This could be met with dead air which would be really embarrassing.


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