viedma: Amy and Prisoner Zero from the Doctor Who episode The Eleventh Hour (Kitty!)
Bill Rebane, Moviemaker and Feminist ([personal profile] viedma) wrote2010-04-11 07:36 pm

"The water... the water... the water..."

I liked it. Yes it falls apart if you think about it for longer than 5 seconds, and I'm the kind of person who liked The Shakespeare Code so my taste is a bit suspect, but I don't care I liked it.

Vali got mad because the episode made me cry. If you've ever seen an ickle wee tiny get angry on your behalf and you have to stop her from walking to England to fight the people who made her girlfriend cry-- well that there's love. <3 <3 <3 It wasn't just the poor star whale; something about the episode made me remember how the U.S Supreme Court gave our Navy the A-OK to emit high frequency sonar that's beaching and killing whales. But hey! It's not like John Roberts and the rest of them can hear the sounds so it must not be that bad. I guess we need it for all those Iraqis planning to kill us from their super-secret undersea compound.

Things that adults know but mustn't talk about is a theme that pings on a few levels.

Liz 10 reminds me of a feral cat I trapped and fixed last week. I open the release door to let him go and I wait. And wait. Usually they nearly levitate in their desire to get the fuck out but not this one. So I take off the towel covering the top of the cage to see him peering fixedly in the opposite direction of the open door. You could practically hear him think: just wait till I get out and obtain my freedom I will do Anything to break free their chains won't bind me forever and I'm all like, "Hey dummy! The opening's the other way!" I touched his nose through the bars and he finally snapped to his senses.

Does that mean by my analogy that Amy is The Finger of Freedom? I guess so. I loved that she figured it all out before the Doctor. I also love that when presented three impossible choices there emerges a fourth solution that leads the way to a happy ending. It's very Star Trek: Next Gen in that regard. This is a good thing for me.

Derspatchel at LJ has already starting calling that rift in the universe "Amy's crack." I am 9 years old.

That extra-long hug at the end! Vali and I are both giant girls and loved that mightily. I WONDER IF ELEVEN WILL EMPLOY THE SERVICES OF A KISSOGRAM IN THE FUTURE. Okay.

I want an icon of Eleven adjusting his bowtie with the caption "Not Big on Dignity." That was the best! Him and Mr. B Natural, y/y?