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I only tuned in to see if David Morrissey was capable of smiling and wow, a Doctor Who special that didn't make me want to kill myself. I'd heard that such an animal was possible but I didn't believe it. It was actually not awful! And the Sta-Puft Cyber Transformer was great for lolz.

[ profile] violetisblue got me the cutest bike basket, all green filigree and it has a strap for when you want to use it to go shopping. and a Donna Noble figure and a tiny pink robot; they're already friends on the windowsill. Four is going to be joining them later for grilled soy cheese sammiches. \o/

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Date: 2008-12-26 11:43 pm (UTC)
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If the leg twitches are occurring mostly at night, or while you've been sitting still for a while, and are especially bad when you are tired, try (and I am not kidding! It works!) an iron supplement, preferably a a fruit-and-vegetable-based liquid one that won't do a number on your stomach. I read probably a decade ago now on the RLS website that in clinical trials, iron worked as well as L-Dopa in treating the kicks. Ever since then, I've used my "leg jumpies" (which I may or may not have demonstrated to you on my visit) as eminent anemia alarm.


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