Jul. 9th, 2009

viedma: (Up YAY!)
At 8 o'clock I left to pick up Khrissi the Cat from her Big Girl surgery to drive her back to her dad. I've never met a cat who made *no sound at all ever* going to and from the clinic. Maybe she's deaf?

Then I was dropping off spay/neuter transport fliers at my old job, hoping to spread the word. I chatted a bit with everyone and was made very aware of the dangers of false nostalgia as I really really missed the place and everyone who worked there. I still miss them.

Next I go to other town over to get trained on a Meals on Wheels route. My trainer is a great lady. She was kind, and funny, and likes to listen to Christian talk radio at sounds of 11, and asked if my husband and I had any children. Did I mention she was funny?

Then I go to work and magically find almost every book I was asked to look for. Ever had that feeling you've seen a book on the shelf with your mind's eye even when the rest of you hasn't been able to locate it, so you keep checking the shelf, and around it, and viola! I even found a missing Spanish video for kids that was put in the wrong VHS box. I should play the lottery.

But the coolest, the bestest thing ever, was a 15-minute phone interview with Lois Gibbs for an article I'm writing. For me it was like being able to talk to Lincoln, or God, or Sarah Waters, or Joyce Carol Oates, or maybe all 4 in a hastily-conceived genetic experiment in Roger Corman's lab. I did my best to keep it together and to do all the fangirl squeeing on the phone to Vali. *pant pant*

It was like, for 13 hours, I got to live the life of a politician or something. I even got to provide aid and comfort (in the form of tissues to mop up copious tears and snot) to a toddler who decided to take a flying leap out of his chair and land on his head. Poor kid, his head was already ginormous and this won't help.

I think it's as good a time as any to say I'm going to take a wee break from the online journaling for a while. I'm not sad, or disappearing --hardly, on Twitter you can't get me to shut up-- it's just that I've got a lot of stuff that I'm thinking about and doing, and right now because I'm busy I don't usually comment on people's entries and I'm not really involved in that way, so hen I do summon the courage write it sounds like I'm grandstanding. It embarrasses me, but this is really how I'm muddling along day to day.

So I'll be around in the comments, but I'm officially giving myself a vacation from something I feel I "should" do. That way I'll enjoy it more when or if I come back to it.


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