Jan. 11th, 2009

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Like a lot of people, I've been contemplating other places to go if LJ goes in fact go tits-up. [livejournal.com profile] violetisblue got me an invite code for Inksome, which I think is really rather lovely. (We have permanent accounts on Insanejournal but doubt if we're ever going to use them.) And I have a Vox account. So far my favorite to play with is my new Twitter account. Doing it on the web is nice, but really I like the message in a bottle feel of blogging by cell phone. Drop a message while I'm out and about, and viola! I pay for unlimited texting, why not give the sucker a little workout? I was going to write, it's fun not being tied down by your computer, said after hour 3.

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, I just like having options. Especially since lj news just said that media reports of their trouble were exaggerated. Maybe it's the result of 8 years of GWB's America, but whenever someone assures me all is well I start to make contingency plans.


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