Jan. 1st, 2009

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Vali and I crashed hard around midnight, our usual bedtime during the week. It's hard to work up a wild party vibe on a Wednesday-- even the fireworks were half-hearted, and we didn't even hear from the usual neighborhood suspects at all.

Cuddled up in bed watching Mrs. Brown, a hot cup of herbal tea, a soft warm cat and a nice wee lady by my side. Mr. Brown really was the Edward Cullen of his day, except drunk and Scottish instead of surly and sparkly. This is so totally playing in the all-girl World of Pub.

The vet diagnosed Casey Katt with an overactive thyroid, so it's pills for life for our little one and many sighs of relief for me and [livejournal.com profile] violetisblue. Already there have been subtle changes for the better. She;s eating less, seems less manic and she stays with us longer at night. Today she even left extra treats in her bowl.

The boys in black came a-ringing today at 11am sharp, no doubt hoping to snag a few new souls. Dream on, kids, you've got your work cut out for you on this street. As if the Darwin fish on the car wasn't a big enough of a hint. I didn't answer. I made biscuits, vegan Worcestershire sauce and Russian black bread that was more coffee, molasses, and chocolate bread-- not real black bread, but a combo not as gross as it sounds.

Vali read this article to me while I was cooking. It's a little exasperating that it's either $10,000 shopping sprees or lentils and tuna fish with absolutely no middle ground whatsoever. The papers and blogs will eventually get tired of this storyline and proclaim The New Prosperity sometime in June.


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